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Partnerships in Oregon


Partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, Tribes, universities, and other groups are essential to further natural resource conservation. NRCS Oregon engages partners at the local, state and national level to leverage resources and achieve greater success together.

Local Working Groups

Each NRCS field office throughout the state hosts an annual Local Work Group Meeting to gather input from local landowners and partners about natural resource needs in the county. District Conservationists rely on the valuable feedback provided at these meetings to plan ahead for future conservation projects in the county. Through its Strategic Approach to Conservation, NRCS targets Farm Bill financial assistance on specific areas within each county to address priority resource concerns identified through the locally-led process.

Oregon Technical Advisory Committee (OTAC)

The Oregon Technical Advisory Committee is co-chaired by the NRCS Oregon State Conservationist and the Farm Service Agency State Director. This committee provides advice for technical considerations and guidelines necessary to implement conservation provisions of USDA legislation. The committee also serves as a forum for Oregon conservation partners to share information and updates, and to explore opportunities to partner together to address natural resource challenges. OTAC meetings are typically held on a quarterly basis and are open to the public.

Oregon Tribal Advisory Council

Oregon NRCS, in conjunction with Oregon’s nine federally recognized tribes and the Intertribal Agriculture Council, has developed an active Oregon Tribal Advisory Council. This group provides a forum for Oregon’s Native American Tribes and tribal members to address natural resource issues on tribal lands. The Tribal Advisory Council provides a tribal voice to the USDA-NRCS on conservation issues that are important to Oregon tribes at the state and national levels.