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Snow Hydrology and Snowmelt Runoff

Anderson, E. 1973. NOAA Technical Memorandum NWS-HYDRO-17 (pdf, 3.3 mb)

Anderson, E. 2006. Snow Accumulation and Ablation Model -- SNOW-17 (pdf, 415 kb)

Anderson, E. 1978. Initial Parameter Values for the SNOW-17 Model (pdf, 130 kb)

Corps of Engineers, 1998. Runoff from Snowmelt, EM 1110-2-1406 (pdf, 2.6 mb)

The following report, from the Corps of Engineers North Pacific Division, 1956, may be over a half century old, but it contains considerable information about the thermodynamics of snow and the mechanics of snowmelt.  The temperature index approach described is still in use today in rainfall runoff models such as HecHMS and seasonal models such as SRM (Snowmelt Runoff Model). 

The investigations described were the basis of NOAA National Weather Service computer models from the 1970s NWS HYDRO-17 and SSARR.

The report may be downloaded here in pdf format.

full text (16.6 mb)                       first half (9.6 mb)     second half (6.9 mb) 
full text (searchable, 316 mb)

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