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AWEP Projects Approved For Fiscal Year 2011

Following is a list of Fiscal Year 2011 AWEP project proposals approved by NRCS. Project proposals are approved based upon an estimated amount of funding requested by the partner and the final approved funding may change during the process to approve the partnership agreement. At this time, all available AWEP funding has been allocated to approved projects. After the partnership agreements have been approved, the projects are announced by NRCS in each State and eligible farmers and ranchers may apply for program benefits. Program applicants must meet eligibility requirements of the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).

The following information includes the State(s) in which the project will be carried out, the name of the partner organization, the project title, and the total amount of NRCS funding requested by the partner.


Project Sponsor

Project Name

Project Brief Description

FY 2011 Funding


Western United Dairymen

2011 Dairy Infrastructure And Retrofit Project To Promote Ground And Surface Water Conservation And Water Quality Improvement In California's Central Valley Implementing physical improvements, and developing Waste Management Plans (WMP) $500,000


Republican River Water Conservation District Republican River Basin, Colorado Permanent water retirement associated with ground water irrigated cropland is vital to the sustainability of water resources



Rio Grande Watershed Association Of Conservation Districts

Sustainability Of The Confined And Unconfined Aquifers In The San Luis Valley

Balance to groundwater aquifers by encouraging reduced pumping and improving the efficiency of groundwater recharge



Goose Creek Irrigation District & Oakley Canal Company

Conserving Surface Water And Reducing Groundwater Pumping In The Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer

Converting open canal water conveyance systems to buried underground pipe



Three Sisters Irrigation District

Water Quality And Quantity Protection Pipe a leaky irrigation canal and legally restore the stream flow at the diversion, screen the diversion, restore fish passage at the diversion, and improve habitat just downstream from the diversion, and on farm conservation which will include water energy and other on farm practices



Little Red River Regional Irrigation Water District Water Quality And Quantity Protection Install conservation practices that will conserve irrigation water from all sources and improve surface water quality within the project area



Southwest Kansas Groundwater Management District 3

Conserving Ogallala Water In Priority Areas Install conservation practices that will conserve irrigation water within the project areas; focusing on the transition of irrigated cropland to dry land agriculture use



Upper Republican River Natural Resources Conservation District

Ogallala Aquifer And Republican River Recharge And Enhancement Program

Permanently retire approximately irrigated cropland


TOTAL       $4,704,414