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Online Resources about Pollinators, Beneficial Insects, and their Conservation

General Information

Plants for Pollinators

Nesting and Overwintering Habitat

Pollinator and Beneficial Insect Habitat Establishment Guides and Technical Resources

Reducing Pesticide Use & Impacts and Pollinators, Beneficial Insects, and other Invertebrates

NRCS NJ Partners in Conservation

Additional information on pollinators, fact sheets, information on at-risk species, conservation initiatives and programs, events, activities, and opportunities to get involved.

Getting help with conservation on your property

  • NRCS Services Centers Contact your local NRCS field office for technical assistance and more information on Farm Bill conservation

  • Getting Started with NRCS Five Steps to Assistance for Farms, Ranches, and Forests

  • Technical assistance with pollinator and beneficial insect conservation: Kelly Gill, Senior Pollinator Conservation Specialist with the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation and partner biologist with NRCS (Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Region), is available to provide technical assistance with conservation planning, habitat installation, and training to NRCS, other conservation agencies, and farmers on topics of pollinator and beneficial insect conservation, native plant restoration, habitat management, and more.