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Assistance available to owners of NJ property impacted by Hurricane Sandy

Second application period extended to April 21, 2014; contact your local USDA-NRCS office to apply.

Funding has been made available for properties in New Jersey impacted by flood damage as a result of Hurricane Sandy pursuant to the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act.

Eligibility Requirements for Sandy FPE Participation

  • Property must have sustained flood damage as a result of Hurricane Sandy
  • Property must be a publicly or privately owned agricultural or residential property. Owners of properties zoned “residential” must secure a public sponsor who will assume ownership of the property
  • Property must be outside of the FEMA “Coastal” Flood Zones (Zones V, VE, or V1-30). Contact your local NRCS office and provide the address of your impacted property. NRCS will verify that your property is in an eligible area. NRCS will supply a color map developed by using the FEMA Region 2 Base Flood Elevation Address Lookup Tool to show the location of the applications relative to the ineligible FEMA “Coastal” Flood Zones for application packets.

Application Process

Download a copy of the application checklist process(pdf)



Contact your local USDA-NRCS office to start the application process. NRCS will need the following documentation to process your application:

  1. Application for Long-Term Contract Assistance through the EWP-FPE Program, NRCS Form AD-1153
  2. Proof of ownership (a copy of the ownership vesting deed)
  3. Documentation of flood damage and proof that damage was a result of Hurricane Sandy. Acceptable evidence includes insurance claims, photos, newspapers of other publication clippings, or any other documentation that links the property’s flood damage to Hurricane Sandy.
  4. Legal documentation of signature authority such as Power of Attorney, CCC-901 or CCC-902, or other legal documentation granting signature authority on behalf of the applicant or entity. (This is not applicable if the landowner is signing on behalf of him- or her-self.)
  5. Projects that will require the relocation or demolition of residences or structures in residential housing areas must include evidence, in writing, that a project sponsor is willing to buy the remaining land in fee title.
  6. If the landowner is an entity, the entity must also provide:
    • List of individuals comprising the entity and percent ownership of each member
    • Legal documentation of signature authority
    • Poof entity is legal, valid, and in good standing in New Jersey
    • Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number -more information is available at
    • Registration with the System for Awards Management (SAM) - more information is available at

*Note: All applicants must be willing to comply with the terms of the NRCS LTP 20 warranty easement deed (pdf, 116 kb), any other agreements that might be necessary to complete the purchase, and restoration of the easement, including the demolition or removal of structures present on the property. NRCS will regard an applicant’s signature on the AD-1153 as verification that the EWP-FPE terms have been fully explained and the applicant is willing to comply with the terms of the deed.*

What to expect after you application has been submitted

Floodplain easements restore, protect, maintain and enhance the functions of floodplains while conserving their natural values such as fish and wildlife habitat, water, quality, flood water retention and ground water recharge. Structures, including buildings within the floodplain easement must be demolished and removed, or relocated outside the 100-year floodplain or dam breach inundation area. The easement area will be restored to the maximum extent practicable to its natural condition. Applications will be ranked and funded based on the applicability of restoring the floodplain.

  • NRCS will work with you to complete documents as listed on the Application Checklist.
  • NRCS NJ will rank applications and submit finalized application packets to National NRCS office after the sign-up period closes.

Program Contact: Gail Bartok, Assistant State Conservationist for Programs, 732-537-6042

This page was last modified on March 7, 2014.