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Information for Entities - How to obtain a DUNS number and CCR (SAM) account

Applicants using an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

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DUNS/CCR Fact Sheet (246 kb) - content is included on this page

If your business or organization plans to apply for a grant, project agreement, or contract through the USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and you use an Employer Identification Number (EIN, also referred to as a Tax Identification Number or TIN), you need a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number to complete your application. If you apply as an individual and use your Social Security number as your EIN, you do not need to obtain a DUNS number.

About the Data Universal Numbering System

A DUNS number is a unique nine-character identification number provided by the commercial company Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), a provider of business information reports. There is minimal information required to obtain a DUNS number and includes the business/organization name, type, location, number of employees and contact information. The Federal government uses the DUNS number to provide consistent name and address data about organizations. This helps administrators keep applications and contracts organized across all federal agencies.

Who Need a DUNS Number

All entities using an EIN and doing business with NRCS for items listed below must have a DUNS number and current registration in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database.

DUNS/SAM registration is required for:

  • Partnership agreements entered through the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP).
  • All agreements with eligible entities under the Farm and Ranchland Protection Program (FRPP)
  • Agreements under the Agricultural Land Easement (ALE) component of ACEP.
  • Partnership agreements under the Wetland Reserve Enhancement Program (WREP) component of ACEP-Wetland Reserve Easements (WRE).
  • Watershed operations agreements with project sponsors.
  • Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP) agreements with project sponsors, including Recovery and Floodplain Easements.
  • All cooperative, contribution, interagency, or partnership agreements of Federal contracts used by NRCS to procure goods or services.

NRCS urges applicants to obtain the required registrations as soon as practicable after applying for programs in order not to delay contract obligation should they be selected for funding.

NRCS advises participants in its programs to ignore any emails, phone calls or other communications from third-party vendors offering assistance for registering in SAMS or applying for a DUNS number. There is no cost for registration, and NRCS will not ask to see a copy of your registration materials. If you already have a DUNS number, you do not need a new one to work with NRCS.

Obtaining a DUNS Number

Obtaining a DUNS number is free for all entities doing business with the federal government. The process to request a DUNS number takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Have the following information ready when requesting a DUNS number:

  • Legal name of the organization

  • Headquarters name and address, including the physical address and mailing address if separate from Headquarters

  • Telephone number

  • Name of the CEO or Organization owner

  • Number of employees at the physical location (full- and part-time)

  • Legal structure of organization (corporation, partnership, proprietorship)

  • Year the organization was established

  • Primary line of business

  • SIC code - This is a US Department of Labor business classification system. If you request a DUNS number over the telephone, the operator will assist you with this.

How to Obtain a DUNS Number

Toll-free DUNS number request line:


D&B Web site:

Contact D&B through the special toll-free number for federal award applicants at 1-866-705-5711. The number is staffed from 8 AM to 9 PM EST. When you request a DUNS number, identify yourself as a federal grant applicant or prospective applicant. The operator may ask which program you are considering. After you provide the information listed above, D&B will assign you a DUNS number. You may also request a DUNS number online at: When applying online, you will be asked for the same information listed above. However, you will need to look up your SIC code online at:

Managing your DUNS Number

D&B periodically contacts organizations with DUNS numbers to verify that their information is current. Work with D&B to ensure the right information is on your report. Rather than establish new DUNS numbers in the future, be sure to update/validate the information on your current listing.

Obtaining a DUNS number places you on D&B’s marketing list, which is sold to other companies. If you do not want your name or organization to be included on this list, simply request to be omitted from the list during your DUNS application.

Registering with the CCR

Once you have a DUNS number, you must also register with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and complete other reporting requirements. CCR is a Government-wide registry for vendors doing business with the Federal Government. The CCR centralizes information about Federal financial assistance recipients and also provides a central location for you to change your organizational information. It is the participant’s responsibility, upon receipt of their DUNS, to maintain current information on CCR. Your organization will need to renew CCR registration every year.

What you will Need to Register with CCR

Begin the registration process at You will need your DUNS number to begin. After entering your DUNS number, CCR will retrieve the name and address information from D&B. You will then be prompted for the following information:

  • EIN Number
    • If you already have an EIN number, registration will take 3-5 business days to clear the EIN match process.
    • However, a newly assigned EIN cannot be validated in CCR. A newly assigned EIN may take 2-5 weeks before it becomes active. You must wait until you receive the CP-575 notice from the IRS confirming that the EIN is active and valid for use before registration with CCR can be completed. For questions regarding your EIN, please call 1-800-829-4933.
    • Once a match is confirmed, you can enter the remaining required information to complete your registration.
  • Statistical information about your business, such as receipts and number of employees.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) information for payment of invoices
    • ABA Routing number for your bank
    • Account Number and Type, or Lockbox number
    • Automated Clearing House (ACH) point of contact
    • Remittance point of contact
    • Accounts Receivable point of contact

Remember, registration with CCR is always free of charge. For more information, download the CCR user's guide and step-by-step screen shots of the process at:

D&B Contact Information:
  • Toll-free request line: 1-866-706-5711
  • Web site:
CCR Contact Information:
  • Customer Service Line: 1-866-606-8220
  • Web site:
  • 2 CFR Part 25 and Part 170
  • CPC Appendix 320A and 320B
  • Public Law 109-282 Federal Funding and Transparency Act of 2006

Business Type

Business Type Code

Tax ID Type

DUNS/CCR Required

Individual 0 SSN No
General Partnership 2 EIN Yes
Joint Venture 3 EIN Yes
Joint Venture 3 SSN No
Corporation or Limited Liability Company 4 EIN Yes
Limited Liability Company 4 SSN No
Limited Partnership 5 EIN Yes
Estate 6 EIN Yes
Trust-Revocable 7 SSN No
Trust-Revocable 7 EIN Yes
Churches, Charities, & Non-Profit Organizations 10 EIN Yes
Trust-Irrevocable 17 EIN Yes
Individual Operating as a Small Business 18 EIN Yes
updated April 26, 2018