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Red River RCPP Watershed Planning

In 2015, the Red River Retention Authority was awarded $12 million in funding through the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) Prairie Grasslands Critical Conservation Area for water management and flood protection in the Red River Basin under the authorities and rules of the PL83-566 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act.

Through a competitive process, open to all eligible local watershed organizations, eight North Dakota watersheds were selected by the Red River Retention Authority to receive up to $500,000 in RCPP funds for development of a Watershed Plan and Environmental Assessment or Environmental Impact Statement. Remaining funds were allocated to sponsoring local organizations for additional watershed planning efforts in Minnesota and may be utilized for development of final engineering designs for implementation of planned conservation structures in the future.   

Map ID Watershed Name Watershed Size Sponsor Fact Sheets
1 Forest River 238,500 acres Walsh County WRD Forest River Fact Sheet
2 North Branch Antelope Creek 111,327 acres Richland County WRD NBAC Fact Sheet
3 North Branch Park River 165,245 acres Park River Joint WRD NBPR Fact Sheet
4 Rush River 141,929 acres Cass County Joint WRD Rush River Fact Sheet
5 Shortfoot Creek 74,247 acres Sargent County WRD SFC Fact Sheet
6 Swan Creek 87,707 acres Cass County Joint WRD ---
7 Tongue River 67,000 acres Pembina County WRD Tongue River Fact Sheet
8 Upper Maple River 187,006 acres Cass County Joint WRD UMR Fact Sheet

Total Watershed Acres: 1,098,427            WRD = Water Resource District

NRCS Watershed Planning is a formal, locally led, public process intended to guide the development of physically, environmentally, socially, and economically sound plans with actions scheduled for implementation over a specified period of years.  Additional information on the planning process may be found within the NRCS Watershed Planning Manual and the NRCS Watershed Planning Handbook.

Actions, as the result of these watershed plans, will contribute to the overall Prairie Grasslands Region Critical Conservation Area priority goals of reducing flooding, ponding, and excess water on farm lands, thereby increasing the resiliency of agriculture and improving water quality in the Red River Basin.

For technical information, public meeting announcements, and the status of each individual planning effort please utilize links to the sponsoring agencies listed in the table above.

For additional information contact Keith Weston, Red River Basin Coordinator (701-356-6614) or Christi Fisher, North Dakota State Conservation Engineer (701-530-2091).