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Job Approval Authority Policy and Guidance

NRCS Job Approval Authority (JAA) is the quality assurance process that ensures implemented conservation practices will perform as intended.  All conservation practice designs and installations must be approved by a person with the appropriate job approval authority. 

Any person may work on preparing the design and checking the installation of conservation practices.  Any NRCS employee, or partner working under the technical supervision of NRCS, may be granted job approval authority, in accordance with policy and procedures.  NRCS JAA does not apply to Technical Service Providers.

The following resources, technical references, policies and procedures may be used to request and obtain NRCS Job Approval Authority:

SWCD Request for Assignment of JAA

Sample JAA chart for Ecological Practices

Sample JAA chart for Engineering Practices

NC JAA Policy (April 2010) – All Practices

Draft NC JAA Policy  – Engineering Practices (coming soon)

Draft NC JAA Policy – Ecological Practices (coming soon)

NCDSWC Presentation








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