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West National Technology Support Center

The NRCS West National Technology Support Center (WNTSC) is located in Portland, Oregon. The staff is made up of an interdisciplinary Technology Transfer and Assistance Team, and three special emphasis teams assigned to acquire and develop science-based technology. The special emphasis teams located at the West National Technology Support Center are Energy, Air Quality and Atmospheric Change, and Water Quality and Quantity.  

Leadership and coordination for technology transfer within the West Region is provided by the West Region Technology Work Group (WRTWG). The WRTWG is composed of the State Resource Conservationist from each of the West Region states plus six State Conservation Engineers and two State Soil Scientists. A West Region State Conservationist serves as an advisor to the Work Group.

Shaun P. McKinney, Director of the West National Technology Support Center

February 25, 2019

mckinney_2015McKinney serves as the Director of the Natural Resources Conservation Service, West National Technology Support Center. He has worked in water quality and aquatic ecology fields for the last 27 years for NRCS and the U.S. Forest Service.

Shaun has led numerous NRCS conservation efforts in the Pacific northwest, across the West Region and nationally. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University and a Master’s degree in aquatic ecology from Oregon State University. In his free time, he enjoys building cedar canoes and kayaks, running, hiking with his family and coaching lacrosse.


Technology Transfer and Assistance Team

Colorado GrazinglandThe Technology Transfer and Assistance Team consists of technical specialists of various disciplines responsible for providing direct technical assistance and technology transfer primarily to the thirteen western States and the Pacific Islands Area. Specialists from the Team serve as technical advisors to the West Region Technical consortia. ...More Info


National Energy Team

Energy LogoThe Energy Team develops and delivers information and technology that addresses energy conservation in agricultural systems, and natural resource issues related to the production, utilization, and management of renewable energy sources such as biofuels, solar, and wind.  ...More Info


National Air Quality and Atmospheric Change Team

Hands and GlobeThe Air Quality and Atmospheric Change Technology Development Team works with NRCS specialists and policy makers, as well as other Federal, State, University, and private organizations to provide agricultural air quality technology and information to NRCS personnel, NRCS partners, and the public.  ...More Info


National Water Quality and Quantity Team

Water DropThe Water Quality and Quantity Team develops and delivers cutting edge tools and training to address natural resource concerns related to hydrology and hydraulics, nutrient management, pest management, soil erosion, irrigation water management, agricultural drainage, salinity, and stream restoration.  ...More Info