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NRCS Wetlands Resources

Wetland Restoration, Enhancement, and Management (pdf)

Wetland Restoration, Enhancement, and Management is designed to assist the NRCS field level of operation in their work by providing the most recent technical information available on specific topics. The publication is a compilation of papers on specific issues written by experts in that field. Each paper is an individual submission and stands alone, connected to the other papers in the publication only by topic similarity. In this way, individual papers can be updated and new papers added as wetland technology evolves. The topic papers are grouped into four sections, each a phase in the restoration process.

  • Section I is information on techniques used to restore and enhance vegetation, hydrology, and wildlife benefit.
  • Section II focuses on monitoring.
  • Section III consists of papers related to management of specific species of wildlife, vegetation (beneficial and noxious), and habitats.
  • Section IV is papers on restoration and enhancement techniques important from a regional perspective.

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