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Pollution Control Data

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   Level Spreader
   Pipe spillway design with riser
   Emergency spillway design
   Typical anti-seep collar layout
   Concrete riser base details for corrugated steel risers
   Anti-vortex device, trash rack for corrug. steel pipe
   Pipe couplers for currugated steel pipe
   Sediment trap with stone lined outlet section
   Riprap outlet sediment trap details
   Riprap outlet sediment trap details
   Pipe outlet sediment trap
   Removable pumping station w/ perforated pipe
   Sump pit
   Portable sediment tank - 6' diameter
   Silt fence - 16" height
   Trash rack and sediment trap for catch basins
   Geotextile and stone over storm drain grate
   Curb inlet/trash protection at COS or COG inlets
   Median inlet protection - Trash protection for grates
   Rock outlet protection for culverts
   Rock outlet protection for culverts
   Straw bale dike details & specifications
   Super silt fence w' chain link fence backing, 42" ht.
   Earth Dike
   Check dam
   Water bars
   Grass outlet sediment trap
   Level spreader for diversion channel outlet
   Straw bale dike
   Corrugated, perforated pipe sump pit
   Swale sediment trap


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