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USDA - ARS Salinity models

The following computer models available directly from the USDA-ARS Salinity Lab in Riverside, CA are especially helpful for salinity analyses and investigations.

ESAP Statistical software package for estimating field scale spatial salinity patterns from electromagnetic induction signal data (for Windows XP).  NRCS employees should contact their IT specialist to obtain the latest version of ESAP approved for use on USDA-NRCS computers.

Extract Chem predicts the major ion, boron composition, electrical conductivity (EC) and osmotic pressure (OP) of a soil solution at a desired water content based on the known ion composition at another water content (Windows based).

WATSUIT is a computer program which predicts the salinity, sodicity, toxic-solute concentration of the soil-water within a simulated crop root zone resulting from the use of a particular irrigation water of given composition and at a specified leaching fraction. It can be used to evaluate the effect of a given salinity level (or solute concentration) on crop yield and of a given sodicity level on soil permeability.

A more complete list of computer applications for salinity investigation and analysis is available from the USDA-ARS Salinity Lab website.

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