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Quan D. Quan, Hydraulic Engineer

Quan came to the West National Technology Support Center – National Water Quality & Quantity Development Team from the NRCS-Arizona state office in Phoenix where he was the State Hydraulic Engineer.  Quan began his SCS/NRCS engineering career as a Field Engineer for the Madras Field Office in Deschutes Basin, Oregon.  In 1995 he moved to Medford, Oregon as a Basin Engineer for the Southwest Basin and High Desert Basin.  His career took him to the Arizona State Office in 1998 as the State Hydraulic Engineer on the Watershed Planning Team.  He remained in Arizona until 2001 when he joined the staff of the Hydraulic and Hydrology (H&H) Team with the National Water and Climate Center (NWCC) in Portland, Oregon though stationed in Beltsville, Maryland.  He received a BS degree in Agricultural Engineering from Oregon State University and completed 12 credit hours toward a MS degree in Biological Engineering at Oregon State University.

In 2005, due to the realignment with the agency, he was reassigned to the National Water Quality and Quantity Development Team (WQQT) which is part of the West National Technical Support Center (WNTSC) in Portland, Oregon but he remains in Beltsville, Maryland. 

He has been involved in development, update, and support of EFH-2 (Part 650, Engineering Field Handbook, Chapter 2 Estimating Runoff Volume and Peak Discharge), Engineering Field Tools (EFT) - Animal Waste Management, Engineering Field Tools (EFT) - Hydraulics Formula, Hydraulics Formula (DOS version), Engineering Field Tools (EFT) - Hydrology Tool (combining EFH-2, WinTR-55 and WinTR-20 using the TR-20 computational engine for calculation of peak discharge and runoff volume), Engineering Field Tools (EFT) - Farm Pond Design (formerly WinPond), SITES/WinDAM, WinTR-55 Small Watershed Hydrology, and WinTR-20 Project Formulation Hydrology.

He serves on the HEC-RAS, EFH-2, SITES/WinDAM, WinTR-55, and WinTR-20 support teams – providing training and technical support. 


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photo of quan quan