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Quan Quan, Hydraulic Engineer

Quan began his career with the Soil Conservation Service in 1991 after earning degrees at Oregon State University (BS Agricultural Engineering) and also completed 12 credit hours toward MS degree at Oregon State University (MS Agricultural Engineering). He worked in the Madras, Oregon Field Office as a Field Engineer. In 1995 he transferred to Medford, Oregon as a Basin Engineer (Southwest Basin and High Desert Basin). His career took him to the Arizona State Office, in 1998 as State Hydraulic Engineer on the Watershed Planning Team. He remained in Arizona until 2001 when he joined the staff of the Hydraulics and Hydrology Team on the National Water and Climate Center (NWCC) in Portland, Oregon but he is stations in Beltsville, Maryland.

In 2005 due to realignment with the agency, he was reassigned to the National Water Quality and Quantity Technology Development Team which is part of the West National Technical Support Center (WNTSC) in Portland, Oregon but remains at Beltsville, Maryland.

He has been involved in the development, updating, and support of WinTR-55, WinTR-20, WinPond, Hydraulics Formula, EFH2 (Estimating Runoff and Peak Discharge), Sites, and AnnAGNPS.

He serves on the WinTR-20, WinTR-55, Sites, WinPond, AnnAGNPS and HecRas support team – providing training and technical support.

Since 2004, Quan has served as a National Engineering Specialist and he has helped develop and deliver Engineering Week at the National Conservation Boot Camp training.

He lives in Laurel, Maryland with his wife Karen and their two children (Melyssa and Brandon).

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