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Eric Hesketh, Pest Management Specialist

Eric Hesketh is the Soil Scientist/Pest Management Specialist for the Water Quality and Quantity Team of the West National Technology Support Center.  He is the lead technical expert for and developer of the Windows Pesticide Screening Tool (WIN-PST).  He also is involved with the development of the Nitrogen Trading Tool (NTT) and the development of other conservation technology tools. 

Eric received his Bachelor of Science in Plant Science in 1982 and his Master of Science in Plant Science in 1986 from the University of Rhode Island.  As a graduate student, he worked as an IPM scout, Plant Protection Clinic Technician, and Guest Lecturer for the Master Gardener Program.

He served as a Research Assistant for the Plant Nutrition Laboratory at the University of Rhode Island from 1986 to 1987.  He did post graduate work towards his Doctorate at the University of Massachusetts and was a graduate teaching assistant at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture.  His expertise includes computer modeling, agrichemical fate, and soils. 

He began working at NRCS (then SCS) in 1992 as a Soil Conservationist with the National Agricultural Pesticide Risk Analysis Project.  He later became the projects Soil Scientist.  Eric has written chapters for the NEDC ‘Nutrient and Pest Management Considerations in Conservation Planning' course as well as being an instructor.  He has also been involved in the development and teaching of NRCS’s ‘Conservation Boot Camp’.  He is the primary contact for WIN-PST technical issues and is the lead trainer for the technology.

Eric has a Black Belt in Songahm Tae Kwon Do and is an instructor and webmaster for his school in South Deerfield, Massachusetts.  He is also an avid beekeeper. The bears have gotten to the hives the past few years so he has not seen the ravages of ‘colony collapse’ as of yet, but he has seen what hungry black bears can do to wooden hives.


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photo of eric hesketh