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Joe Bagdon, Agronomist / Pest Management Specialist

Joe is an Agronomist on the National Water Quality and Quantity Technology Development Team (NWQQT) and he specializes in nutrient and pest management to protect water quality.  He is the Windows Pesticide Screening Tool (WIN-PST) Team Leader and a founding member of the Team that developed the Stewardship Tool for Environmental Performance (STEP), the Resource Stewardship Evaluation Tool (RSET) and the water quality component of the Conservation Assessment Ranking Tool (CART).  Joe is stationed at the Massachusetts NRCS State Office in Amherst, MA.  He lives with his wife Jeanne and his son Connor on part of the family farm where he was raised.

Joe graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a Bachelor of Science degree in Plant and Soil Sciences in 1980.  He ran a small vegetable, tobacco and dairy farm before he began his career with the Soil Conservation Service in 1985.  He spent two years as a County Executive Director for the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service and then came back to the Soil Conservation Service as a Soil Conservationist.  He later became a Resource Conservationist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and then the Project Leader for NAPRA: National Agricultural Pesticide Risk Analysis.  Since 1994, Joe has served as a National Pest Management Specialist and he has helped develop and deliver Nutrient and Pest Management Considerations in Conservation Planning training, CORE 4 training, Conservation Boot Camp training, and AgLearn Self-Paced Training.

In his current position, Joe is responsible for NRCS nutrient and pest management technology and technical policy related to water quality.  He represents NRCS on the Federal IPM Coordinating Committee and works with NIFA, ARS, EPA and the pesticide industry to help coordinate NRCS activities in the pest management arena.  Joe’s focus is providing technology support to NRCS field staff so they can evaluate the environmental risks of nutrient and pest management activities in the conservation planning process and recommend appropriate mitigation to protect water quality.


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photo of joe bagdon