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HecDSSVue - hydrologic data retrieval, manipulation, and display

NRCS has adopted the Corps of Engineers hydraulics application HecRAS for analysis of stream and river water surface profiles. When this program is used with time-series hydrologic data, a second application from the Corps is very handy. The program HecDSSVue enables the rapid download, storage, manipulation, and display of large amounts of time-series hydrologic data. The Corps uses a database interface with many of its programs, including HecRAS, HecHMS, and HecResSIM, which is called the “Data Storage System” or DSS for short. The program HecDSSVue is the current windows version of DSS and includes all the functionality that had been available in previous DSS versions, and more.

Download HecDSSVue from the Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center.

Download example dss file, used in these pages.  (download trouble? click here.)

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HecDSSVue main menu (screenshot): screenshot of main menu, HecDSSVue

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