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AGNPS Downloads

ARS, National Sedimentation Laboratory, Watershed Physical Processes Research Unit

AnnAGNPS v5.51 and support programs

Download the complete self-extracting AGNPS package here.
(includes support components such as the Input Editor, Flownet Generator, and STEAD, as well as documentation files available separately in the table below)

AGNPS (64-bit version)          AGNPS (32-bit version)

  description   download link
 installation instructions AGNPS_Installation_Procedures.pdf
 information about the current version of AnnAGNPS  Version.pdf
 fact sheets for AGNPS  Fact_Sheet_AGNPS.pdf
 fact sheets for AnnAGNPS  Fact_Sheet_AnnAGNPS.pdf
 AnnAGNPS Source Code  source
 AnnAGNPS Technical Documentation  technical documentation


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If you are interested in becoming a co-operating user, please download the user profile template file UserProf.doc, complete it, and attach it to an email and return it to Ron Bingner the AGNPS Project Manager. The AGNPS Project Team will provide technical support to the co-operating users. In return, the co-operating users are to report any problems encountered with AGNPS regarding its applicability, reasonableness, and ease of use.

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