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AGNPS Output Data Processing

ARS, National Sedimentation Laboratory, Watershed Physical Processes Research Unit


Program “STEAD” (Summarization Tool to Evaluate AnnAGNPS Data) is a stand-alone utility tool for AnnAGNPS. This program was developed to allow the user to request, extract, and summarize specific information from the gaging station output files generated by AnnAGNPS.

There are two possible AnnAGNPS output files that can be analyzed using STEAD. One output file is the hydrograph-based gaging station file called “AnnAGNPS_TXT_Gaging_Station_Data.txt”, which provides results associated with the simulation day that coincides with any portion of the hydrograph. The other output file, “AnnAGNPS_TXT_EV_Gaging_Station_Data.txt”, is an event-based gaging station file reporting all of the results associated with each event that produces loadings as summarized on the day the event started. The program is a default-value driven program where a successful execution can be completed with or without the user simply supplying input options through the user-defined input control file.

Download a summary file describing an overview of the features of STEAD: STEAD_summary.pdf

Contact: Glenn Herring.