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AGNPS Continuous Simulation Model Processes

ARS, National Sedimentation Laboratory, Watershed Physical Processes Research Unit



AGNPS Modeling Components
Input Data Preparation
AnnAGNPS Pollutant Loading Model
Output Processing

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The AnnAGNPS Pollutant Loading Model predicts (1) water; (2) sediment by particle size class & source of erosion; and (3) chemicals-nitrogen, phosphorus, organic carbon, & pesticides. These "loadings" are generated from land areas (called AGNPS cells) and routed through stream systems on a daily basis. Special land use components such as feedlots, gullies, field ponds, and point sources are included. Details about the specific processes modeled are given below:

Contact: Ron Bingner or Fred Theurer.

  Chemical Routines - in situ   Ephemeral Gullies   Sediment Reach Routing
  Chemical Reach Routing   Hydrograph Development   Composite of Soil Layers
  Erosion Routine - RUSLE2   Impoundments   Soil Moisture,  CN Runoff
  Error Checking   Internal Data Preparation   Source Accounting
  Event Output Files   Irrigation   Water Reach Routing
  Feedlots   Overall System   Winter Routines
  Field Ponds   Read Input