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Rosetta -- NRCS

Rosetta-NRCS is a program developed by the USDA-ARS Salinity Lab in Riverside, CA.  The only difference in the ARS Rosetta version and the Rosetta-NRCS version is that Rosetta identifies only the depth to the bottom of a soil layer.  Rosetta-NRCS identifies both the top and bottom of a soil layer.

Download Rosetta-NRCS here.  Neither Rosetta version is CCE approved for use on NRCS computers.  

Rosetta can be used to estimate the following properties:

  • Water retention parameters according to van Genuchten (1980)
  • Saturated hydraulic conductivity
  • Unsaturated hydraulic conductivity parameters according to van Genuchten (1980) and Mualem (1976)



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