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Ag Water Management Summit

Managing Water Harvesting Results
America's Ag Water Management Summit

October 11-12, 2011
Bloomington, MN

Purpose: Increase nation-wide adoption of ADWM as a part of a conservation system,
                through understanding of past history, current situation, and future opportunities.

  a. Differentiate DWM from the traditional practice of draining land for the production of crops.
  b. Explain the current technologies of DWM, plus potential innovations (bioreactors, buffers, wetlands, two stage ditches, and companion practices)
  c. Assure sound environmental management and protect ecosystem values.

Agenda: Managing Water Harvesting Results Agenda

  Alex Echols Paul Sweeney
  Sand County Foundation NRCS – Senior Project Leader
  Email: Email:
  Phone:703-660-2366 Phone:701-530-2070

Summit Presentations: Click here to see a list of the Summit Presentations

Summit Outcomes:

• NRCS is developing a strategy to reach out to the agriculture and conservation communities across the country over the next year to promote drainage water management implementation
• A systems approach is the most effective way to address nitrates in our water resources
• There is a need to identify viable economic incentives for producers to implement drainage water management
• More information and data on innovative practices is needed
• There is broad support for NRCS’s effort to promote drainage water management to protect and improve water quality

More Information: Visit the Sand County Foundation website on the Summit