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AGWAM Team -Technical Information

Drainage Water Management: Sources of Nitrate Yields in the Mississippi River Basin
Mark B. David, University of Illinois
Laurie E. Drinkwater, Cornell University
Gregory F. McIsaac, University of Illinois

APEX modeled estimates of edge of field benefits to nitrogen loss reduction in the Mississippi River Basin (2011)

Calculation of drain spacings for optimal rainstorm flood control
Eilert Wiskow, Rienk R. van der Ploeg
Institute of Soil Science, University of Hannover, Herrenhaeuser Str. 2, 30419 Hannover, Germany
Journal of Hydrology 272 (2003) 163-174

Design Guidelines for Water Table Management Systems on Coastal Plain Soils

Impact of improved land drainage on river flows
M. Robinson
December 1990

Potential Water Quality Impact of Drainage Water Management in the Midwest USA
June 2010
Dan B. Jaynes
Kelly R. Thorp
David E. James

Methods to Estimate Effects of Drainage Water Management on Annual Nitrogen Losses to Surface Waters
R. Wayne Skaggs
Mohamed A. Youssef
G.M. Chescheir

Modern Drainage Design: the Pros, the Cons, and the Future
By Donald L. Hey, Ph.D.
October 2001

ND CIG Project Title: Tile Drainage and Subirrigation Evaluations in Richland County for Effects on Soil and Water Quality
Xinhua Jia
Thomas DeSutter
Project End Date: 05/31/2010

Chapter 11: N2O Emissions from Managed Soils, and CO2 Emissions from Lime and Urea Application
2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories
Volume 4: Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use
Cecile De Klein (New Zealand), Rafael S.A. Novoa (Chile),
Stephen Ogle (USA), Keith A. Smith (UK), Philippe Rochette (Canada),
Thomas C. Wirth (USA), Brian G. McConkey (Canada),
Arvin Mosier (USA), and Kristin Rypdal (Norway)
Contributing Authors
Margaret Walsh (USA) and Stephen A. Williams (USA)

Questions and Answers about Drainage Water Management for the Midwest
Purdue Extension
Jane Frankenberger, Eileen Kladivko, Gary Sands, Dan Jaynes, Norm Fausey,
Matt Helmers, Richard Cooke, Jeff Strock, Kelly Nelson, Larry Brown

Feasibility of Reconnecting Tile Drainage with Riparian Buffers
National Lab for Ag and the Environment

Subirrigation System Control for Water use Efficiency
1985 American Society of Agricultural Engineers 0001-2351/85/2802-0489
R. Wayne Skaggs, MEMBER ASAE
John E. Parsons

No Consistent Declines in Nitrate Levels in Large Rivers in the Mississippi River Basin
Missouri River, upper Mississippi River and groundwater are rising sources of nitrate to the Gulf of Mexico
U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey
Office of Communications and Publishing
12201 Sunrise Valley Dr, MS 119Reston, VA 20192
Released: 8/9/2011

map of subsurface drainage

map of DWM on cropland
map of nitrate yield