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National Water and Climate Center

Our Mission is "To lead the development and transfer of water and climate information and technology which support natural resource conservation."

With a Vision of the future as "A globally recognized source for a top quality spatial snow, water, climate, and hydrologic network of information and technology."

The Functions of the National Water and Climate Center are:

  • Natural Resource Planning Support

    • Assess the effectiveness of applied technology and support activities in relation to meeting customer needs
    • Provide water supply forecasts
    • Provide water and climate analysis, information, and services for NRCS, partners and customers
    • Provide concepts and technical input for policy development and the legislative process
    • Provide emergency support to customers in response to extreme natural resource events
    • Provide water quality and quantity expertise in support of farmstead, field level, watershed, and river basin evaluations
  • Data Acquisition and Management

    • Operate the Snowpack Telemetry (SNOTEL) data collection system for the United States and Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN)
    • Acquire, enhance, and manage specific data sets to support the resource planning for all resource areas including Soil, Water, Air, Plants, Animals and Human
    • Design and manage an on-line, quality controlled, national database for NRCS and partners in support of farm, watershed and river basin scale planning
    • Coordinate with other entities to develop procedures for integration of information from plant, animal, soil, water quality, and pesticide databases
  • Technology Innovation

    • Identify and anticipate priority needs to support the Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG) and customer requirements
    • Assess and select technologies required to address resource concerns
    • Adapt appropriate technologies
    • Facilitate new technology development
    • Maintain inventory of available and developing technologies
  • Partnerships and Joint Ventures

    • Cooperatively fund and develop new technology
    • Establish and maintain joint strategic databases
    • Share existing technology to meet user needs
    • Develop cooperative support for technology transfer and implementation
    • Partner with NRCS offices and other organizations for natural resource planning support
    • Evaluate feedback from partners to improve effectiveness
  • Technology Transfer

    • Release new technology through means appropriate to customer needs
    • Assist in training related to technological releases
    • Market and promote new technology
    • Provide expertise to support new technology
    • Ensure that technology transfer meets customer needs and expectations