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WinTR-55 Watershed Hydrology

The TR-55 computer model has been revised and completely rewritten. As a windows based program, the input and editing windows are a big improvement over the DOS version. The new WinTR-55 uses the WinTR-20 program as the driving engine for more accurate analysis of the hydrology of the small watershed system being studied. A final version (including programs, sample data, and documentation) is now complete. The NRCS WinTR-55 program can be downloaded from this page.

The WinTR55 development team has appreciated all the testing and comments we have received to date. If you encounter any problems, or have comments or enhancements on the version 1 program please contact the WinTR-55 development team via e-mail to the WinTR-55 Team.

Download WinTR-55  

Note:  Download links may not work in Google Chrome web browsers.

WinTR-55, Version 1.00.10 (18.5 MB - last updated 2/7/2013)  Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) and Windows 10 Version for 64 bit PCs

Install WinTR-55       IMPORTANT Installation Settings 

Download WinTR-55 DB (updated database)  NEW!

WinTR-55, Version 1.00.10 DB  (last updated 4/20/2015) Windows 7 for 32 and 64 bit PCs.

Instructions for incorporating updated database into WinTR-55  (using the following zip file)

WinTR-55 folder  (zip file)

WinTR-55 Support Materials         (These files require Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat.)

WinTR-55 Readme .txt file
WinTR-55 Frequently Asked Questions
Precipitation FAQs (NEW)  (3/27/2013)
Latest version of the WinTR-55 Users Guide  (12mb)
References on Time of Concentration with Respect to Sheet Flow  (59kb)
WinTR-55 Time of Concentration (Tc) Document Hydrology Technical Note No. N4  (2.5mb)

NRCS Training Materials         (These files require Microsoft Powerpoint.)

Download the WinTR-55 Tutorial  (2.2 Mb, Apr 2022)
Download the WinTR-55 Presentation for Experienced Users  (2.7mb, Apr 2022)


Assistance with the material on this page may be obtained from the WinTR-55 Support Team at WinTR-55 team.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service used government funds to develop the Technical Release 55 (WinTR-55) computer program. It may be downloaded for use and copying at no additional expense or license requirements.

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