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Water Management Models Under Development & Testing

Models listed on this page are still in development and testing. They have had initial testing to catch major errors and problems before they were placed here, however users need to be aware that they are still in Alpha or early Beta development and testing. Use of these models and their results are the responsibility of the user.

All errors or problems with these models should be brought immediately to the attention of Clare Prestwich, with a brief description of the problem and basic information as to the input that created the problem.  Please include your phone number with your message incase additional information is needed.

This Windows program is for use in the design of irrigation and livestock pipe systems. The hydraulic pipeline program designs tanks, evaluates surge/water hammer, pipe deflection and the preliminary identification of pipeline valve suggestions, such as air vents. Application is aimed at field office level for use by technicians, soil conservationists, range conservationists, and engineers.

AgPipe, 1.1
Download (9.1 MB)

Irrigation Water Requirements- Penman-Montieth method (IWRpm) is a  crop consumptive use program developed specifically for NRCS use in development of Consumptive Use Table for the new NRCS Irrigation Guide. IWR pm uses the the ASCE Standardized Penman Montieth method or the Blainey- Criddle method depending on the climate information that is available.

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