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CEAP Watershed Map

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Map of the United States showing the location of the CEAP watershedsARS Benchmark Research Watersheds NIFA Competitive Grant Watersheds NRCS Special Emphasis Watersheds Little River Choptank River Cannonsville Reservoir Cheney Lake North Bosque River Sprague River Wood River Upper Snake Rock Little Bear River Stemple Creek Paradise Creek Asotin Creek Leon River Beasley Lake Goodwin Creek Topashaw Creek North Walnut Creek South Fork of the Iowa River Walnut Creek Sny Magill Rock Creek Upper Big Walnut Creek Upper Auglaize River Upper Tiffin Saint Joseph River Upper Washita River Salt River/Mark Twain Goodwater Creek Lincoln Lake Spring Creek High Plains Aquifer Lower Calapooia River Eagle Creek San Pedro - Willcox Santa Cruz River Cowhouse Creek NCSU Synthesis Project Univ. of Idaho Synthesis Project Jobos Bay Lower Bad River Mahantango Creek Riesel Lower Saint Francis Little River Ditches