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High Plains Regional Assessment Scoping Meeting

A scoping meeting was held June 6 - 7, 2006, at the Texas Tech University campus, Lubbock, TX, to initiate the CEAP-Wetlands regional assessment for The High Plains. Dr. Loren Smith, Chair, Department of Range, Wildlife and Fisheries, Texas Tech University, in collaboration with NRCS, coordinated the scoping meeting. The meeting and subsequent assessment activities are supported through an interagency agreement between NRCS and the U. S. Geological Survey Cooperative Research Units, Texas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at Texas Tech University. The meeting brought together experts studying playa wetlands of The High Plains to identify playa ecosystem conservation challenges and ecosystem services provided by wetlands in The High Plains, as influenced by land use and conservation practices implemented on agricultural lands in the region. Participants were requested to identify data that may be complementary to the CEAP-Wetlands regional assessment in The High Plains to assist in developing a study plan to fill data gaps for the assessment.

Meeting Participants

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For further information:

Diane Eckles
Biologist and CEAP-Wetlands Coordinator
Phone: (301) 504-2312

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