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NRCS Economics Directory


State Name Position __Phone__ Email
Alabama John Curtis RC/SSC 334-887-4539
Alaska Scott Crockett State Resource Conservationist 907-761-7758
Arizona Kenneth Gishi State Rangeland Management Specialist 602-280-8827
Arkansas Charles (Zach) Taylor Economist 501-301-3148
Johnny Mendoza Economist (Watershed) 501-301-3186
California Victor Hernandez Outreach Coordinator & Sociologist 530-304-8614
Hue Dang Resource Conservationist (Conservation Planning) 530-792-5657
Caribbean Area Mario Rodríguez SRC 809-766-5065 Mario.Rodrí
Colorado Eugene Backhaus SRC 720-544-2868
Joel Moffett Plant Materials Specialist 720-544-2812
Connecticut Abigail Cadman Resource Conservationist 860-871-4017
Delaware Jayme Arthurs SRC 302-678-4182
Florida Jessica Bertine Economist 352-338-9513
Georgia W. Cran Upshaw Economist 706-546-2072
Hawaii (Pacific Islands Area) Matt Cocking Forrestor (808) 600-2915
Kevin Kinvig Resource Conservationist (808) 600-2976
Idaho Denise Adkins Resource Conservationist 208-685-6991
Illinois George Henshaw State Resource Conservationist 217-353-6640
Glen Franke Resource Conservationist 217-353-6642
Jody Bell Management Analyst 217-353-6632
Jennifer Chen Resource Conservationist 317-295-5847
Jill M. Reinhart, Community Planner 317-295-5883
Iowa Alan Lauver Ag Economist 515-323-2726
Bruce Wells ASTC Water Resources 785-823-4550
Tim Hafner ASTC Operations 859-224-7373
Louisiana John Pitre SRC 318-473-7774
Maine Susan Arrants Ass. St. Con. Programs 207-990-9564
Massachusetts Thomas Akin SRC 413-253-4365
Reena L. Shaw Agricultural Economist 401-822-8840
Maryland Heydsha Cordero State Resource Conservationist 443-482-2929
Michigan Ruth Shaffer Water Quality Specialist 517-324-5239
Sandra Penn Outreach Coordinator 517-324-5261
Minnesota Ryan Galbreath SRC 651-602-7879
Mississippi Marion Reed Economist 601-863-3925
Missouri Lauren Cartwright Economist 573-876-9415
Montana Jerry Shows ASTC Programs 406-587-6967
Nebraska Julie Breuer Program Specialist 402-437-4126
Douglas A. Christensen Economist (ACES, Retired) 402-437-4049
Nevada Jim Gifford SRC 775-552-3829
New Mexico Athena Cholas Resource Conservationist 505-761-4419
New Hampshire Kimberly McCracken  State Soils Scientist 603-868-7581 x123
New Jersey Lauren Lapczynski Program Analyst 732-537-6046
New York Michael Fournier Forrester 315-477-6532
North Carolina Rafael Vega SRC 919-873-2126
North Dakota JoDean W. Nichols Economist / SSC 701-530-2093
Mark Smith State Resource Conservationist 614-255-2474
Oklahoma April D. Burns Water Resources Coordinator 405-742-1284
Gary O'Neil State Conservationist 405-742-1204
Oregon Louis Landre Economist 503-414-3277
Pacific Islands Area Matt Cocking Forrestor 808-600-2915
Kevin Kinvig Resource Conservationist 800-600-2976
Pennsylvania Susan Marquart Natural Resource Specialist 717-237-2237
Puerto Rico Mario Rodríguez SRC 809-766-5065 Mario.Rodrí
Rhode Island Reena L. Shaw Agricultural Economist 401-822-8840
South Carolina Dennis Mobley Economic Contact 803-253-3892
South Dakota Stan Boltz State Range Conservationist 605-352-1236
Tennesse Michelle Beasley Economist / Program Specialist 615-277-2558
Texas Kristy Oates SRC 254-742-9805
Ryan McCloud Economist
Ramona Taylor FPAC-BC, Webmaster 254-742-9953
Utah Shane Green State Range Management Specialist 801-524-4567
Vermont Sandra Primard State Agronomist 802-951-6796 X 240
Virginia Austin Hunt Economist 804-287-1676
Washington Carri Gaines Forest Planner 509-323-2956
West Virginia Pam Yost Economist 304-284-7572
Wisconsin Matt Otto Resource Conservationist 608-662-4422 x245
Wyoming Aaron Waller Economist 307-274-9402

National Headquarters

Name Position ___Phone___ Room
Catherine Feather FPAC EPA Resources Economics Branch (REB) Branch Chief 202-720-8534 3736-S
Alex Barbarika Agricultural Economist, REB 202-720-7093 3730-S
Sarah Cline Agricultural Economist, REB 202-619-8561 3754-S
Glenn, Sophia Agricultural Economist, REB 503-273-2400 Portland, OR
Rich Iovanna Agricultural Economist, REB 202-720-5291 3730-S
Peters, Mark Agricultural Economist, REB 301-504-1564 1-1110C
Vik, Doug Agricultural Economist, REB 817-509-3215 Central NTSC,
Fort Worth
Phil Sronce FPAC EPA Data Services Branch (DSB) Chief 202-720-2711 3742-S
Tricia Barnes Agricultural Foreign Investment Specialist, DSB 202-720-0604 3727-S
Mary Estep Administrative and Program Support Specialist, DSB 202-720-3217 3738-S
Veronica Gray Agricultural Foreign Investment Specialist, DSB 202-720-6733 3733-S
Thomas Gajnak Agricultural Economist, DSB 202-720-0942 3722-S
Kent Lanclos Agricultural Economist, DSB 202-720-0114 3738-S
Rena Yuan Economist/Statistician, PMF, DSB 301-504-2314 1-1110

Management and Strategy Deputy Area, Policy and Program Analysis Division

Name Position __Phone__ Location
Sheila S. Boykin Natural Payment Schedule Core Team Lead 202-720-5927
Raleigh, NC
Sheby Callaway Historian 202-720-1626 Washington, DC
Jamey Wood Management Analyst / Economist, Fort Worth 817-509-3504 Ft. Worth, TX

Programs Deputy Area, Programs Projects Branch

Name Position ___Phone___ Location
Seth Fiedler Natural Resource Specialist 505-761-4416 Albuquerque, New Mexico

Resources Inventory and Assessment Division

Division Phone:  301-504-2300          Fax: 301-504-2230
5601 Sunnyside Ave, Room 1-1292, Stop Code 5410, Beltsville, MD 20705-5000

Name Position ___Phone___ Email
Weihuan “Mark” Xu Director 301-504-0303
Patrick Flanagan National Statistician 301-504-2222
Dan Mullarkey Branch Leader, Resources Assessment Branch 301-504-2300
Roger Claassen RCA Coordinator 301-504-3969
Kevin Ingram RAD GIS Lab Coordinator 301-504-2359
Daria Scala Management Analyst 301-504-2344

National Technical Support Centers (NTSC)

East National Technology Support Center

East NTSC, 94 Sand Hill Rd, Milton VT 05468

Name Position __Phone__ Email
Lynn Knight Economist 802-528-5121
(cell) 802-578-4471

West National Technology Support Center

USDA, NRCS, WNTC, Suite 800,1201 NE Lloyd Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

Name Position __Phone__ Email
Lakeitha Ruffin Economist 503-414-3282

Central National Technology Support Center

USDA NRCS Fort Worth Center, 501 West Felix Street, P. O. Box 6567, Fort Worth, TX 76115-0567  

Name Position __Phone_ Email
Bryon Kirwan Economist 271-369-2931
David Buland Economist - Retired ACES 817-295-9245
Doug Vik FPAC EPA NRA Economist 817-509-3215

National Water Management Center

101 E. Capitol, Suite B100, Little Rock, AR  72201-3811

Name Position Phone Email
Timothy Goode Economist 501-210-8922


Location Name Position __Phone___ Email
Mandan, ND David Archer Director and Ag. Economist 701-667-3048
Tucson, AZ Phil Heilman Research Hydrologist / Research Leader 520-647-9202

Abbreviations used:  RC = Resource Conservationist, SC = Soils Conservation, SSC = Social Science Coordinator, SRC = State Resource Conservationist, PAS = Public Affairs Specialist, ASTC = Assistant State Conservationist (for Programs, Operations, Watersheds, or another area).