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Improving the nation’s soil health can help feed the world and keep farming operations productive, profitable and sustainable—all while optimizing inputs and improving water, air, wildlife and climate.

A growing number of stakeholder groups including agricultural, wildlife, environmental and sustainability organizations—as well as businesses—are working side-by-side with the NRCS to help increase the adoption of soil health management systems on America’s working lands.

We value that partnership, and have designed a number of materials that can be used, copyright-free, to help those organizations communicate the basics and benefits of soil health to their audiences.      

It's a Miracle

Web sharing resources
Soil health PSA web ads for your web site

If your organization would like to share our soil health fact sheets, videos, graphics, photos and other resources, feel free to download any of our web banner public service ads and place them on your personal or organization’s web site. Click here to view the sizes available.

Poster combo

New soil health posters available

Two new posters, “Behold our living soil” and “The hope in healthy soil,” are now available to help you promote the basics and benefits of soil health throughout the country. These 23” x 18” posters are suitable for framing or for placement in soil health partner offices, schools and other locations. To order your copies (limited to 10 per customer) specify the poster (“Behold” and/or “Hope”) and send your e-mail request to

Info Graphic CAT

Healthy soil info-graphics

Believe it or not, there are a lot of interesting facts about healthy soil. These entertaining and informative graphics provide a glimpse of just some of those secrets. Please download the files, share them on your web site or in your newsletters – and help “Unlock the Secrets in the Soil.”


SH Demo Image

Step-by-step guides for planning and hosting soil health events

Hosting a soil health field day or workshop can be one of the most effective ways of helping farmers and others understand the basics and benefits of soil health. To help ensure your event is as successful as possible, download these helpful step-by-step guides before you begin planning your soil health event.

Three Steps to a Successful Event (PDF, 181 KB)

Planning Successful Field Days and Workshops (PDF, 173 KB)


HSA Web image


Healthy Soils Are…Newsletter articles

This series of newsletter-length articles examines the major factors influencing soil health. The articles may be used royalty-free to help readers understand that Healthy Soils Are...
• Full of Life (2 articles)
• Covered All the Time (4 articles)
• Well Structured (4 articles)
• High in Organic Matter (4 articles)


SHM Article

Newsletter articles: Experts talk soil health

This series of short but informative newsletter articles, featuring experts from across the country, will help your readers better understand the basics and benefits of improving the health of their soil. Please download the files, share them on your web site or in your newsletters – and help “Unlock the Secrets in the Soil.” 

Read all 11 articles.



SH Banner for Soil Health

USDA-NRCS – Are you a “Soil Health Scholar?” Find out with our new, on-line quiz!

Healthy soil is fundamental to life. But how much do you really know about it? This fun, 10-question quiz will challenge your knowledge, and will help you discover your soil health I.Q. And, anyone who plays can print out a graduation certificate upon completion. Find out if you’re a “Soil Health Scholar,” a “Soil Healthy Smarty-Pants” or if you “Love the Soil.”

This is one test we think you’ll really dig! Take the quiz  offsite link image    . And then share your results with your friends and followers on Facebook or Twitter. It’s fun and informative