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Soil Health Theater

Soil Title - Theater

Here at the Soil Health Theater, you can see and hear from some of America’s top soil health experts and innovative soil health farmers. From video demonstrations on soil health to videos featuring the men and women who are farming with Soil Health Management Systems, see for yourself why there’s a growing movement to “Unlock the Secrets in the Soil.” 

Conversations on Soil Health

Screenshot of SHD Soil Health Specialists on Youtube; click to go to YouTube.Join the NRCS Soil Health Division as we host field staff, technical experts, and leadership in discussions on how they promote Soil Health Management Systems in their states through collaborations, mentoring, training opportunities, and old-fashioned agricultural innovation! Guests discuss their soil health journeys while offering great advice on how they have achieved success in their prospective locations and areas of expertise.  Watch / join the conversations.

Explore the Science of Soil Health

Science title imageFollowing the popular “Soil Health Lessons in a Minute” video demonstrations, NRCS and film maker Robin “Buz” Kloot, PhD, have once again teamed up to develop a series of short videos—this time focusing on the science of soil health. Buz, who is a Research Associate Professor at the Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina, made a cross-country trek in the fall of 2013 to interview some of the nation’s leading researchers and experts—in order to more fully understand the science of soil health. Explore the science of Soil Health.

'The Hope in Healthy Soil' Video Series

HIHS image

USDA-NRCS – Educational video series examines how farmers are breathing new life into soil

A new, seven-part video series produced by USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service explores how an increasing number of farmers throughout the country are creating a new hope in healthy soil by regenerating our nation’s living and life-giving soil. The video series is designed to help consumers, educators and students understand many of the important principles and practices behind the growing soil health movement and how soil health management systems provide a wide range of on- and off-farm benefits. Watch chapter one, the introduction offsite link image    . (1:40). DVDs of the series may be ordered free-of-charge through NRCS’ National Distribution Center at (specify “looped” or “chapter” versions).

Video Profiles in Soil Health

De Sutter photo with tractorIn these short video profiles you can hear directly from some of the nation’s leading farmers to find out how they’re using soil health management systems to make their farms more profitable, productive and sustainable. 


Soil Health Television PSAs

Ahora están disponibles en EspañolTV ads highlight hope in healthy soil
Recently, NRCS distributed a series of 15- and 30-second public service ads to 1,000 local television stations, the networks, the National Association of Broadcasters, and every state broadcast association in the country to highlight the critical role healthy soil plays in our lives, on our planet and in our future. Click here offsite link image    to view the ads.


Ray the Soil Guy - Soil Health Lessons in a Minute 

Our soil evangelist, Ray the Soil Guy, inspires many to learn more about soil. Will he inspire you? 

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Have you discovered the cover? Have you discovered the cover? How should healthy soil look? How should healthy soils look?
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