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“Soil Health To-Go” podcasts

Don’t have time to sit down at a computer to hear from other farmers, ranchers and researchers about soil health topics? No problem. Load your audio device with these “Soil Health To-Go” podcasts and listen when you’re driving in your pickup, tractor or combine.

Jonathan Profile image"Trapped" in a soil health workshop, Texas producer changes his mind about leaving the farm
He had made up his mind to leave the farm, setting aside more than 100 years of family farming tradition. But then one day he found himself “trapped” in an NRCS soil health workshop. What Jonathan Cobb saw that day changed his life and led him to change his mind about leaving the farm.


Download Original File - Part 1 (7:24) 


Download Original File - Part 2 (6:22)


Dunham soil health profile photoIowa couple grows food, family, community on organic farm
Andy and Melissa Dunham understand that the health of their soil translates into healthier crops and a more resilient farm.




Organic farmer Roger Lansink says the success or failure of his operation rests squarely on his shouOrganic grower harvests soil health benefits
Organic farmer Roger Lansink says the success or failure of his operation rests squarely on his shoulders. “We can’t blame any crop failures on synthetic inputs—because we don’t use any,” he says.



Rosmann PortraitPowered by diversity and healthy soil, organic farm flourishes
A certified organic operation since 1994, Ron and Maria Vakulskas Rosmann's 700-acre farm near Harlan is home to a remarkable amount of diversity—above and below the ground.



Eric NelsonOrganic grain grower sows seeds of hope in soil health
To say Eric Nelson enjoys a challenge is an understatement. He's a certified organic farmer, growing small grains in a 12-inch precipitation zone -- most of which comes between December and February.



Brewer soil health profile photoFocus on soil health drives innovation, moisture preservation for Oregon farmer
Without irrigation, it’s hard to imagine growing a cash crop in an environment that receives less than 12 inches of precipitation annually. Welcome to the world of grain farmers in central and eastern Oregon.



For agricultural producers, it’s an age-old question: How do you grow the largest, healthiest, mostSoil health is “fundamental to good organic growing,” Oregon farmer says
Becoming a certified organic producer involves a unique set of farming challenges. Oregon Farmer Chris Roehm overcomes those challenges with the help of a powerful ally: healthy soil.