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CAP Templates and CAP 128 Checklist for FY 17

Only a few Conservation Activity Plans (CAP) have templates and only CAP 128-Agricultural Energy Management Plan has a checklist.  Those CAPs that do have these added resources are provided below.  Use of the templates/checklist is not required.


CAP Code

CAP Plan Name


Guide for Forester Joint Management Plan Template (PDF, 271KB)

Guide for Landowners Joint Management Plan Template (PDF, 315KB)

Managing Your Woodlands - Joint Management Template (DOCX, 1.5MB)

Managing Your Woodlands - Management Template (PDF, 328KB)


Integrated Pest Management Template (DOC, 22KB)


Agricultural Energy Management Plan Checklist (DOCX, 41KB)


Organic System Plan Supplement Template (DOCX, 4.5MB)


IPM Herbicide Resistant Weed Conservation Template (DOCX, 28KB)