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Complete a TSP Renewal

Benefits of staying a Technical Service Provider

  • Open New Income Opportunities
  • Increase Knowledge and Experience
  • Increase Networking Opportunities
  • Expand Business Services
  • Continued Professional Development Training

Step 1: Login to TechReg

Log into TechReg from the TSP Website at Look for the first of three big, green buttons, labeled Log into TechReg

Step 2: eAuthentication Update/Reset Password

USDA eAuthentication (eAuth) passwords expire after 6 months and eAuth accounts are classified as inactive after 400 days of inactivity.

If you have not used your eAuth account for 6 months or more and need to have your password reset or you forgot your User ID or password, then you should be able to reset your password or request a reminder for your User ID or Password using the self-help link on the TechReg Log In screen.  Click on Change my Password to reset your password or I forgot my User ID/Password links to have reminders sent to you.  In each of these cases you will be asked for personal information and required to answer security questions to use the self-help option.  If you don't recall this information or did not set up security questions when you created your eAuth account, then you will need to contact the eAuth Help Desk at or by telephone at (800) 457-3642 for assistance.

If your account has been disabled due to inactivity, then you must contact the eAuth Help Desk to have your account enabled.  You may contact the eAuth Help Desk by email at or by telephone at (800) 457-3642.


Step 3: Initiating Renewal in TechReg

Upon login, if you are within 60 days of expiring, you will be asked if you wish to renew and you are given the answers Yes, No or Remind me later.  Clicking Yes (recommended), will reset everything you are currently certified for back to Incomplete status.  Using this method will allow you to remain certified for all categories/CAPs you are currently certified as long as your certification agreement is still current.  Clicking No or Remind me later will cause you to undo certification for any practice category or CAP you are currently certified IF you make changes to confirm qualifications and click SAVE.  If you go this route, you will receive a warning that taking this action will remove your certification and you are required to click OK to continue.  Once you click okay, the action is final and the item you were confirming qualifications for will no longer be certified. 

Step 4: Updating TechReg Sections

Clicking, Yes, to the renewal question will bring you into Sections G1 and G2 of your TSP Profile's Application page (Part 2).  All categories/CAPs previously certified will assume an Incomplete application status.  You must confirm qualifications for each category or CAP you wish to apply for in the renewal application.  Remember you only need to select one certification option for each category or CAP, but must meet all of the certification criteria within the certification option selected.  Once complete each category or CAP will change to a Ready to Sign status.  TSPs should ensure each criterion is met by checking the appropriate box to the right of each criterion and providing any new or update information in Part 1 of their profile to demonstrate the qualifications are met. You should delete any categories or CAPs that you are no longer interested/qualified to provide.  TSPs should work through Section H of the profile to be sure for each practice category they are only selecting practices they have knowledge, experience, qualifications and desire to provide and make sure there is documentation in Part 1 of the profile to document the knowledge, experience and qualification to justify certification at the practice level.

Review and update all sections of TSP Profile (Part 1).  Take note of any new qualification requirements in the categories or CAPs you are selecting for certification when you confirm qualifications to be sure the information has been provided including adding any newly required training and updating any expired licenses/certifications. 

Once all sections and parts of the TSP Profile and Application have been updated, then sign the certification agreement by clicking Submit Renewal (click once) button under Section J.

For more assistance with updating sections of the TSP Profile or Application use the following guide (skip to page 3-Complete Profile Part 1 (Background).  Do not follow the instructions for creating a new eAuth account):

Step by Step Guide-Detailed Instructions for Obtaining an eAuth Level 2 Account and Completing TSP Profile Parts 1 and 2

Step 5: Become Recertified

Upon signing the certification agreement all practice categories and CAPs that were in Ready to Sign status will change to Submitted status and a message will be transmitted to each state in which the TSP has applied informing them of the application is available for their review. NRCS personnel in those state(s) have up to 60 days to review your application and verify your credentials. You should be contacted if discrepancies are noted. When the review is completed and your application is found to meet requirements, the designated Regional Certifier will certify your application by electronically countersigning the certification agreement. Once certified by NRCS, TSPs will be placed on an “approved list” in TechReg to provide specific technical services in those specific States.

Step 6: Provide Services

Producers can search TechReg to find certified TSPs. Once selected and hired by the producer, the TSPs can provide the technical services they are certified to perform. TSPs can also check individual state webpages for potential business opportunities. Please contact the State TSP Coordinator for specific information.