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Summary of Surveys and Plans

3,554 projects completed since the program was authorized in 1954:

  • 1,680 PL-566 watershed plans
  • 235 watershed inventories and assessment studies
  • 468 cooperative river basin studies
  • 621 floodplain management studies
  • 550 flood insurance studies

Program Technical Assistance

On December 26, 2007, State Conservationists and Directors of the Pacific Islands and Caribbean Areas were notified that NRCS technical assistance would no longer be available through the Watershed Surveys and Planning Program in Fiscal Year 2008. They were instructed to cease all Program activities immediately and not to make any further charges to the Program. The Program received no funding from Congressional appropriations in Fiscal Years 2009 and 2010.

However, any prior-year obligation to do work may continue until that obligation is expended. The following are options that are available for continuing work on active projects, in order of priority:

  1. Partners take the lead in completing the project work without NRCS assistance
  2. Seek reimbursable agreements, for 100 percent of NRCS cost, with Sponsoring Local Organizations (SLOs) and/or others to fund continued NRCS technical assistance on projects
  3. Place projects on the active list in POINTS on hold indefinitely. Evaluate the active plans, studies, and inventories in the POINTS database to assess their continued viability. For those plans, studies, and inventories that NRCS and SLOs agree are no longer viable, terminate those projects.

Status of Watershed Surveys and Planning Projects

There are 80 active Watershed Surveys and Planning projects
The backlog of active planning projects declined from 212 in FY 2005 to 80 in FY 2010
Out of the active projects, only 54 projects requested funding in FY 2009 for the planning process
There are also 88 new non-active projects requesting technical assistance

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