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Sponsor Resources (Operations and Rehab)

If you are entering into an agreement with NRCS to complete work, and will be reimbursed for your expenses, you must submit the following required forms. Below, you'll find information and required documents for both the Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations (WFPO) and Watershed Rehabilitation (REHAB) Programs. Sponsor requirements for the Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP) can be found here. For additional help and guidance, connect with your local NRCS Watershed Program Manager.

Grants and Agreements Pre-Award Sponsor Requirements Presentation - May 18, 2022 (pdf) Training Webinar (YouTube)





Register with SAM.GOV



SAM Resources

A SAM registration is required for organizations to bid on government contracts and also receive grants.

All Sponsors are required to register with SAM.GOV, maintain an active standing throughout the approved project and have an Unique Entity ID (UEI) prior to submitting the SF424 forms.

Entity Registration Checklist

How to Register for a SAMS Account

Set-up a SAMS Account



SF424 Forms

SF424 Forms Resources

SF-424 forms are requests for Federal assistance. When the forms are complete, submit to your local NRCS Watershed Program Manager.

The following forms will need to be completed for New Agreements.

SF-424 and SF-424A Instructions







Certificates Required

Certification Regarding Lobbying



Set Up a Federal USDA eAuth Account

USDA eAuthentication Resources

A USDA eAuth account provides access to USDA applications and services via the internet.

How to Request an eAuthentication Account


Register with ezFedGrants

ezFedGrants Resources

ezFedGrants is the USDA solution that will let you apply for and manage USDA grants and agreements online.

Onboarding Quick Reference

How to Access the portal

User Role Definitions

Small Organizations Quick Guide

Permissions Quick Reference

Claim Creation and Submission Guide

How to Submit Financial or Performance Reports


Post-Award/Agreement Documents Required

Upload to



SF425 instructions

SF-425 is used for financial reporting and must be submitted with the SF 270

SF270 Form

SF270 TUTORIAL (video mp4)

SF-270 form requests reimbursement When the forms are complete, upload to ezFedGrants OR submit to your local NRCS Watershed Program Manager.

Download the Sponsor Guide (pdf)