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Conservation Delivery Streamlining Initiative (CDSI) Initiative 1

Initiative 1- Define, streamline, and integrate formalized conservation assistance processes across Agency business lines.

Consistently delivering NRCS’ technical and financial assistance programs in an integrated, efficient manner across the Nation requires that a formally-defined and clearly understood set of business processes be developed and used. These formalized business processes will:

  • Gain efficiencies in program delivery by streamlining and eliminating unnecessary steps or processes.

  • Clarify NRCS’ conservation assistance delivery as natural resource centric, minimizing the perceptions of financial and technical assistance as competing activities.

  •  Establish a business architecture that minimizes clerical or administrative duties on field technical staff.

  • More effectively align the information technology provided to the field with their business needs for delivering conservation assistance.

  • Document the requirements for new supporting technologies that need to be institutionalized Agency-wide.

  • Establish interstate and intrastate consistency in financial assistance activities, while establishing processes that accommodate localized flexibility in technical assistance to accommodate the diversity in state and local laws, natural resources, agricultural operations, and customers.

STRATEGY 1.1 - Clearly defined business process models that span organizational areas of responsibility will be formalized for all technical and financial assistance activities.

During 2009, generalized current-state process models have been constructed for most technical assistance and financial assistance (cost-share programs) activities. These models were developed and/or reviewed by representatives from 25 states. A High-Level Business Process Framework for Conservation Assistance was established, under which detailed future-state process models are being aligned.

STRATEGY 1.2 - Business process models will be institutionalized Agency-wide by integrating their use into policy and program development, directives, training, and the design of IT applications.

Institutionalizing business process models helps to ensure that Agency policies, procedures, data, and technology delivered to employees are focused to meet critical business requirements. By effectively managing its processes, NRCS will more effectively manage its business.

STRATEGY 1.3 - Business activity monitoring will be integrated into NRCS’ business and IT systems that support conservation assistance. 

By integrating functionality into NRCS business and IT systems to monitor business processes, NRCS managers will identify process problems more quickly and facilitate continuous process improvement.

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