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Resources for Lead Partners of RCPP Projects

Congratulations on being selected to lead an RCPP Project! Below you will find resources to help you negotiate an RCPP Programmatic Partnership Agreement, Supplemental Agreements (if applicable), and how to work with NRCS to implement conservation activities on the ground. The resources on this page are specific to projects awarded under Farm Bill 2018.

New Awardee Guide & Orientation Recordings

Getting Started

  1. The first step to beginning an RCPP project is for the lead NRCS State Office and the lead partner to negotiate a Programmatic Partnership Agreement.
  2. If an eligible partner will be reimbursed by NRCS for delivering either financial assistance or technical assistance, NRCS will negotiate a Supplemental Agreement with that specific partner prior to beginning reimbursable work.
  3. NRCS will coordinate with the lead partner on setting up funding opportunities for producer contracts and/or easement parcel contracts.

RCPP Agreements & Templates

Programmatic Partnership Agreement (PPA)

The programmatic partnership agreement outlines the roles and responsibilities of both NRCS and the lead partner. This will include how funds will be allocated (by state, activity type, and year) as well as partner expectations for reporting on deliverables and outcomes.

Supplemental Agreements (SA)

A supplemental agreement may be negotiated after a PPA has been signed by the lead partner and NRCS. Each agreement will include specific deliverables to be completed by that eligible partner. Please see the new awardee guide for information on SA types.

Agreement Templates

Please note, all agreements are negotiated through the NRCS Programs Portal. The following templates are for informational purposes only.

RCPP Easement Minimum Deed Term Templates

All entity-held easements entered into under a RCPP project must use one of the six sets of minimum deed terms (MDT) below. The MDT establish one of three levels of restrictiveness of the easement (categorized as highly, moderately, or minimally restrictive) by identifying the easement purposes, the allowable uses, the limitations on use, and prohibitions. In addition to choosing the level of restriction, the partner and NRCS must also decide whether to include a U.S. Right of Enforcement (ROE). For more detailed descriptions of the MDT templates see the RCPP Minimum Deed Term Template Descriptions. (PDF, 159KB)

Partners should work with their RCPP State Coordinator to determine the appropriate MDT for a given project.

Past Funding Opportunities