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2015 CSP Enhancement Activity Job Sheets

"Enhancement" means a type of conservation activity used to treat natural resources and improve conservation performance. Enhancements are installed at a level of management intensity that exceeds the sustainable level for a given resource concern, and those directly related to a practice standard are applied in a manner that exceeds the minimum treatment requirements of the standard.

A "Bundle" is a group of specific enhancements which when installed as a group, addresses resource concerns synergetically.

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Air Quality Enhancements

AIR03 Replace burning of prunings removals and other crop residues with nonburning alternatives

AIR04 Use drift reducing nozzles low pressures lower boom height and adjuvants to reduce pesticide drift

AIR07 GPS targeted spray application or other chemical application electronic control technology

AIR09 –Nitrification inhibitors or urease inhibitors

AIR10 – Discontinue burning crop residue

Animal Enhancements^ back to top

ANM03 Incorporate native grasses and or legumes into 15 percent or more of herbage DM productivity

ANM09 Grazing management to improve wildlife habitat

ANM11 Patch burning to enhance wildlife habitat

ANM12 Shallow water habitat

ANM21 Prairie restoration for grazing and wildlife habitat

ANM25 Stockpiling forages to extend the grazing season

ANM27  Wildlife friendly fencing

ANM29 On farm forage based grazing system

ANM31 Drainage water mgmt

ANM32 Extend existing filter strips or riparian herbaceous cover for water quality protection and wildlife habitat

ANM33 Riparian buffer terrestrial and aquatic wildlife habitat

ANM34 Leave standing grain crops Unharvested to benefit wildlife

ANM35 Enhance wildlife habitat expired grass legume covered CRP acres

ANM36 Enhance wildlife habitat expired tree covered CRP acres

ANM37 Prescriptive grazing management system for grazing lands (includes expired CRP grass/legume)

ANM38 Retrofit watering facility for escape and access

ANM39 Extending riparian forest buffers

ANM40 Extend existing field borders

ANM41 Multi species native perenials for biomass wildlife

ANM42 FSI for wildlife habitat and soil quality

ANM43 Removal of woody vegetation from rice field levees

ANM44 Close structures to capture and retain rainfall during winter

ANM45 Manipulate vegetation on fields where rainfall is captured retained

ANM46 Extend retention of captured rainfall provide late winter habitat

ANM47 Shorebird habitat late season shallow water with manipulation

ANM48 Shorebird habitat extended late season shallow water manipulation

ANM49 Early successional habitat between first rice crop and ratoon crop

ANM50 Control of undesirable woody vegetation in moist soil wetlands

ANM51 Establish maintain early successional veg ditches  and ditch borders

ANM52 Implement fallow discing to improve wildlife habitat

ANM53 Hinge cutting for wildlife

ANM54 Prescribed burning for upland birds and other wildlife

ANM55 Creation and retention of snags den trees and course woody debris

ANM56 Incresase summer roost habitat for forest dwelling bat species

ANM57 Removal of all threats to sensitive wildlife species on operation

ANM58 Reduction of attractants to human subsidized predators

ANM59 Grazing management to improve Sage grouse habitat

ANM60 Grouse friendly fencing

ANM61 Hosting a grazing related field day

ANM62 Grazing management to improve LPC habitat

ANM63 Harvest crop in a manner that allows wildlife to flush and escape

ANM64 Managing livestock parturition to coincide with forage availability

ANM65 Monitoring nutrition of ruminant livestock NUTBAL system

Bundles^ back to top

BCR10 Crop technology bundle 10

BCR11 Crop technology bundle 11

BFO09 Forest technology bundle 9

BFO10 Forest technology bundle 10

BOI01 Ogallala Initiative bundle 1

BOI02 Ogallala Initiative bundle 2

BOI03 Ogallala Initiative bundle 3

BPA09 Pasture technology bundle 9

BPA10 Pasture technology bundle 10

BPI01 Longleaf Pine Initiative 1

BPI02 Longleaf Pine Initiative 2

BPI03 Longleaf Pine Initiative 3

BRA10 Range technology bundle 10

BRA11 Range technology bundle 11

Energy Enhancements^ back to top

ENR01 Fuel use reduction for field operations

ENR10 Using N provided by legumes manure compost

ENR11 Improving energy feedstock production using alley cropping

ENR12 Use of legume cover crops as N source

ENR13 Variable speed motor drive system

Plant Enhancements^ back to top

PLT02 Monitoring key grazing areas to improve grazing management

PLT06 Renovation of a windbreak shelterbelt or hedgerow

PLT15 Pollinator and/or beneficial insect habitat

PLT16 Intensive rotational grazing

PLT17 Creating forest openings to improve hardwood stands

PLT18 Increasing on farm food production edible woody buffers

PLT19 Herbicide resistant weed management

PLT20 High residue cover crops for weed suppression and soil health

PLT21 FSI pretreating vegetation and fuels preceding a prescribed fire

PLT22 Multi story cropping sustainable mgmt of nontimber forest plants

PLT23 Conifer crop tree release

PLT24 Crop tree release in young hardwood stands

PLT25 Prune pine hardwood trees

PLT26 FSI minimize wildfires or manipulate density composition

PLT27 Create small openings pine stands for habitat or regeneration

PLT28 Prescribed burning conifer forests maintain understory

PLT29 Rehabilitating damaged or cutover stands

PLT30 Monitor pasture health using pasture condition scores

PLT31 FSI prescribed burning short return interval

Soil Erosion Enhancements^ back to top

SOE05 Intensive no-till (ORGANIC or Non_organic systems)

Soil Quality Enhancements^ back to top

SQL01 Controlled traffic system

SQL04 Use of cover crop mixes

SQL05 Use of deep rooted crops to breakup soil compaction

SQL08 Intercropping to improve soil quality and increase biodiversity

SQL09 Conversion of cropland to grassbased agriculture

SQL10 Crop mgmt sys crop acres recent from CRP gl similar veg

SQL11 Cover cropping in orchards vineyards and other hort crops

SQL12 Intensive cover cropping in annual crops

SQL13 FSI for soil health

SQL14 Integrate grazing into crop or forest systems

SQL15 Utililze soil health nutrient tool soil nutrient pools

SQL16 High species diversity grazing lands

SQL17 Placement of hay feeding areas on low fertility soils

SQL18 Soil health crop rotation

SQL19 Mgmt for rangeland soil health

Water Quality Enhancements^ back to top

WQL03 Rotation of supplement and feeding areas

WQL04 Plant tissue testing and analysis to improve mgmt

WQL05 Apply nutrients no more than 30d prior to planned planting date

WQL07 Split N applications 50 percent after the emergence green up

WQL09 Apply phosphorus fertilizer below soil surface

WQL10 Plant a cover crop that will scavenge residual N

WQL11 Precision application technology to apply nutrients

WQL18 Nonchemical pest mgmt for livestock

WQL19 Transition to organic grazing system

WQL20 Transition to organic cropping system

WQL22 Onfarm composting farm organic waste

WQL25 Split applications of N based on PSNT

WQL26 Reduce concentration of nutrients imported on farm

WQL27 Drainage water mgmt for nutrient pathogen or pesticide reduction

WQL28 Biological suppression nonchem techniques manage brush invasives

WQL29 High level IPM to reduce pesticide environmental risk

WQL30 IPM for Organic farming

WQL31 Land application of treated manure

WQL32 Apply enhanced efficiency fertililzer

WQL33 Use of nonchemical methods to kill cover crops

Water Quantity Enhancements^ back to top

WQT01 Irrigation system automation

WQT03 Irrigation pumping plant evaluation

WQT05 Remote monitoring notification of irrigation pumping plants

WQT07 Regional weather network

WQT08 Decrease irrigation water quantity convert to nonirrigated crops

WQT09 High level irrigation water management

WQT10 Center pivot irrigation system end gun removal

WQT11 Low energy precision application irrigation

WQT12 Computerized hole selection for polypipe

WQT13 Intermittent flooding of rice fields


Supplemental Payment Activity^ back to top

CCR98 Improved Resource Conserving Crop Rotation

CCR99 Resource Conserving Crop Rotation (RCCR)

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