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2016 CSP Air Enhancements

Air Enhancements

An"enhancement" is a conservation activity used to treat natural resources and improve conservation performance. Enhancements are designed to maintain or exceed the quality criteria, or stewardship level, for the resource concern. Enhancements tied directly to conservation practices standards exceed the minimum treatment requirements of the standard to address additional criteria or considerations. Conservation practice standards and quality criteria for resource concerns can be found in sections II and III of the Field Office Technical Guide (eFOTG).

AIR03 Replace burning of prunings removals and other crop residues with nonburning alternatives Click for summary

AIR04 Use drift reducing nozzles low pressures lower boom height and adjuvants to reduce pesticide drift Click for summary

AIR07 GPS targeted spray application or other chemical application electronic control technology Click for summary

AIR09 –Nitrification inhibitors or urease inhibitors Click for summary

AIR10 – Discontinue burning crop residue Click for summary