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2016 CSP Water Quality Enhancements

Water Quality Enhancements

An"enhancement" is a conservation activity used to treat natural resources and improve conservation performance. Enhancements are designed to maintain or exceed the quality criteria, or stewardship level, for the resource concern. Enhancements tied directly to conservation practices standards exceed the minimum treatment requirements of the standard to address additional criteria or considerations. Conservation practice standards and quality criteria for resource concerns can be found in sections II and III of the Field Office Technical Guide (eFOTG).

WQL03 Rotation of supplement and feeding areas Click for summary

WQL04 Plant tissue testing and analysis to improve mgmt Click for summary

WQL05 Apply nutrients no more than 30d prior to planned planting date Click for summary

WQL07 Split N applications 50 percent after the emergence green up Click for summary

WQL09 Apply phosphorus fertilizer below soil surface Click for summary

WQL10 Plant a cover crop that will scavenge residual N Click for summary

WQL11 Precision application technology to apply nutrients Click for summary

WQL18 Nonchemical pest mgmt for livestock Click for summary

WQL19 Transition to organic grazing system Click for summary

WQL20 Transition to organic cropping system Click for summary

WQL22 Onfarm composting farm organic waste Click for summary

WQL25 Split applications of N based on PSNT Click for summary

WQL26 Reduce concentration of nutrients imported on farm Click for summary

WQL27 Drainage water mgmt for nutrient pathogen or pesticide reduction Click for summary

WQL28 Biological suppression nonchem techniques manage brush invasives Click for summary

WQL29 High level IPM to reduce pesticide environmental risk Click for summary

WQL30 IPM for Organic farming Click for summary

WQL31 Land application of treated manure Click for summary

WQL32 Apply enhanced efficiency fertililzer Click for summary

WQL33 Use of nonchemical methods to kill cover crops Click for summary