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CSP Payments

Participating in the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) represents a genuine commitment to conservation – CSP contracts are for five years, with the opportunity to compete for a contract renewal if you successfully fulfill the initial contract and agree to achieve additional conservation objectives

Contract payments are made annually based on the following components:

  • Existing activity payment — payment to maintain the existing conservation based on the land uses and NRCS assessment of existing stewardship at the time of enrollment.
  • Additional activity payment — payment to implement additional conservation activities
  • Supplemental payment — payment for adopting one of two systems:
    • adopting or improving a resource-conserving crop rotation
    • adopting advanced grazing management (AGM)

NRCS may provide a minimum annual payment of $1,500 in any year the total contract amount is below a rate NRCS determines equitable based upon the effort required by a participant to meet contract requirements.

Existing Activity Payment

You will be required to maintain the stewardship level of the resource concerns you are already meeting for the 5-year term of the CSP contract.  CSP provides financial assistance for the cost of maintaining the existing conservation systems or practices on your land.

This portion of your annual payment will remain the same for each year of the CSP contract if there are no changes to the total acres enrolled in the program.

  • Crop and Farmstead $7.50 per acre                                 
  • Pasture $3.00 per acre
  • Range $1.00 per acre                        
  • Forest and Associated Agricultural Land $0.50 per acre


Additional Activity Payment

In addition to maintaining the stewardship level for the resource concerns you are already meeting, the CSP contract requires that you meet or exceed at least one additional resource concern in each land use by the end of the contract. The second portion of the annual CSP payment will be based on the financial assistance payment rate for the individual enhancements, practices, or bundles implemented to help you achieve this objective.

The payment rate tables for CSP enhancements, practices, and bundles display the payment rate by unit such as per acre, per foot, or each. Payments for enhancements, practices, or bundles will be based on the actual amount installed or applied. This portion of your annual payment will vary each year based on the conservation activities applied during the year.

Payment rates vary by state.  To view the payment rates in your area, visit the National State Payment Schedule Website.

State CSP Website Landing Pages

Supplemental Payment

In addition to the existing and additional activity payments, producers who choose to adopt or improve a resource-conserving crop rotation as part of their CSP contract will receive a supplemental payment for these activities.  Supplemental payment rates will be included in the payment rate tables available on the state website links above.

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