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FY 2011 HFRP Agreement Enrollment Data

2011 Easement Agreements and Acres Enrolled Maps

Map of US showing 2011 HFRP agreements enrolled, by State2011 Number of Agreements Enrolled
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US map of show number of acres enrolled in HFRP for 20112011 Number of Acres Enrolled
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State Number of Agreements Enrolled Total Acres Enrolled
Arkansas 0  
California 3 11,915
Georgia 6 2,310
Indiana 4 752
Kentucky 2 1,465
Michigan 4 85
Oklahoma 20 5,338
Oregon 6 973
South Carolina 2 675
Total 46 23,512

Source: National Easement Staging Tool (NEST) 10-12-11 and 2-24-11; and FFIS Status of Easement Final as of 9-30-11.

Note: Enrollments include active and completed agreements enrolled during FY 2011.  Enrollment numbers are subject to change (e.g. agreement may be cancelled, acres may increase or decrease due to survey, etc.).



Download HFRP Data Tables

2011 HFRP Enrollment Data (PDF, 12KB)

Summary of HFRP Easement Enrollment Data, 2006 - 2011 (PDF, 16KB)