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International Travel Request Form Instructions

Special Notice

Read These Instructions Before Completing the International Travel Request Form.  A link to the forms is included at the bottom of this page. Please contact International Programs Division at (301) 504-2271 for assistance.


List all of the locations including all in-country travel sites and layovers.


Attach all relevant backup materials, including the letter of invitation, if appropriate. Provide the name and telephone number of the in-country contact(s).


Provide all of the details about the benefits this travel will have on the agency's domestic program.


Please answer all of the following questions.

Who will fund the trip?

  • NRCS funding: Check appropriate box. If NHQ is funding the trip, indicate which Division will be providing the funds.
  • Government agency funding: State which department or agency will be providing the funds, (i.e., AID).
  • Non-government funding: State the source of the funds, (i.e., a university).

Cost Estimate

To obtain lodging and M&IE rates, visit the Department of State web page at

Accounting Codes

Enter the originating office number (AG1616 plus 4 digits). Enter the accounting code (0102T plus 2 digits). If you do not know, check with your administrative office.


Indicate whether or not you have official and/or personal passports. Complete the date and place of birth.


Obtain approval signatures of your immediate and second-line supervisors.

Please keep the application, including all signatures to one page. If additional space is required, (e.g., for NRCS benefits), attach a separate page.

Complete the entire form. Do not guess or leave any sections blank as this will cause delays in your travel approvals.

All questions should be directed to International Programs Division at (301) 504-2271.

FAX the completed form to International Programs Division at (301) 504-2217.

Travel forms are available in Adobe Acrobat format.

International Travel Request Form (47 KB)
Foreign Travel Justification Form (for SES employees only) (52 KB)