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Highlights of NRCS International Programs

NRCS International Activities Summary

  • Jay Fuhrer, NRCS Soil Health Specialist, Bismark, North Dakota, will travel to Hertfordshire, United Kingdom June 23- July 1, 2019 for the Groundswell No-Till Show and Conference.  Fuhrer will present Soil Health Principles and lead a discussion and information exchange both in the field and classroom for attending farmers.
  • Juan Hernandez, NRCS State Conservationist, Bangor, Maine, will travel to Saint John, Canada June 5-7, 2019 to attend the St. Croix International Joint Committee (IJC) which will work together on connectivity efforts on the St. Croix River.  This trip will provide an exchange of technical information and exposure to new technologies and ideas that could be used in the operational mission of NRCS.  
  • Juan Hernandez, NRCS State Conservationist and Daniel Baumert, NRCS State Conservation Engineer, both of Bangor, Maine, will travel June 16-19, 2019 to Quebec, Canada for the Northeast Biological and Engineering Conference for an information exchange among various universities, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations in agricultural and biological engineering technologies.
  • Ken Spaeth, NRCS Central National Technical Service Center, Rangeland Hydrologist, Fort Worth, Texas is headed to Astana, Kazakhstan May 26-June 3, 2019 at the invitation of Dr. J. Qi from Michigan State University.  This trip is phase 3 of Michigan State University’s Asian Development Bank project, Livestock Value Chain Assessment.  Spaeth will plan and conduct rangeland conservation planning and resource inventory for the development of a sustainable rangeland management program.  
  • Michael Robotham, NRCS National Soil Scientist, Washington, D.C. will be traveling to Cuiabá city, Brazil July 21-27, 2019 to present the keynote address at the 37th Brazilian Congress of Soil Science (CBCS).  CBCS will provide a forum for the exchange of information and best practices between Robotham and senior soil scientists in Brazil.  As major agricultural producers, Brazil and the U.S. face many similar challenges to long-term soil productivity and minimizing adverse environmental effect while maintaining a vibrant, profitable and productive agricultural sector.
  • Randy Riddle, NRCS Major Land Resource Area (MLRA) Soil Scientist, Oxnard, California, will travel to Seoul, Korea June 14-24, 2019 for the Soils in Urban, Industrial, Traffic, Mining and Military Areas (SUITMA) 10 Congress. SUITMA 10 Congress is an international scientific meeting to bring scientists together to consolidate state of the art knowledge of urban agriculture and anthropogenic soils.