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Organizational Effectiveness Overview

The Organizational Effectiveness Team

2 people shaking hands at a conservation workshop


This team assists the other teams within the division and often works with NRCS national and state staff to gather information from internal and external audiences. This information can be used for many purposes including increasing participation among historically underserved groups and offering recommendations to NRCS staff on how to operate NRCS programs and planning more efficiently.

This team also manages the Master Facilitator Cadre by receiving requests and scheduling trained facilitators to facilitate meetings. This team also partners with The U.S. Department of Interior's Federal Consulting Group to administer the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which conducts an annual survey of NRCS customers in various programs to determine their satisfaction and make recommendations for improving agency program delivery and participation levels.

American Customer Satisfaction Index

The attached full report (with Executive Summary) shows the results of a customer satisfaction survey of farmers who had comprehensive nutrient management plans and implemented 590 nutrient management practices in FY 2010. The survey was conducted by an outside group as part of the American Customer Satisfaction Index. This index is popular with both public and private organizations and provides an excellent comparison across organizations to measure satisfaction levels.