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How You Can Develop Powerful Language Skills

NRCS employs a large percentage of people who work in the fields many of whom work closely with landowners committed to improving our natural resources. Working in these fields requires specific skillset from technical expertise to conservation experience.

We encourage employees to learn different languages in order to create a bond with the customer they communicate with on a daily basis.

NEDC encourages employees to increase their personal development by taking advantage of the resources that Rosetta Stone offers.  Rosetta Stone is offered through Ag Learn and made convenient by allowing employees to access the course whether they are at home or at work.  Language proficiency is an important skill that can positively impact a person’s job as well as help them better understand different perspectives. Soil conservationist Tomas Aguilar Campos believes that farmers and ranchers develop a positive reputation of agencies that take initiative to include their language.

Mr. Campos has had many occasions where he was required to speak to Limited English Proficiency (ESL) customers.  Aguilar also recognized the convenience of communicating the services offered when he’s able to speak the same language as the farmers and ranchers. “There are many underrepresented groups of farmers and ranchers that can only speak a specific language, I would suggest others to learn a second language that targets those groups”, Campos states.

If you are interested in taking Rosetta Stone due to a job-related need, please contact your supervisor for approval and then contact your local training officer for enrollment. The Rosetta Stone licenses are valid for a total of 12 months, offered in 2-six month sessions. The first offering will be open now through November 10, 2018. If you are enrolled in the first session of the year and need more time completing your training, you can re-register through your training officer with supervisor approval at the end of your session enrollment. Due to a limited number of licenses, we will remove low usage-users so we encourage employees to utilize the training.

Rosetta Stone prepares you for a new challenge and affords an opportunity to master a second language.  The skills learned with Rosetta Stone are skills built to last a lifetime and it can also help an employee develop powerful skills essential to succeeding in the workplace and their environment.