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Contact Us - NEDC

Mailing & Shipping Address

501 W. Felix Street
Building 23
PO Box 6567
Ft. Worth, TX 76115

Main Phone & Fax Numbers

Phone - (817) 509-3242
Fax - (817) 509-3271

There are several ways that you can locate NEDC staff members:

  • Go to the Course Listing page and scroll down until you find the course name. Click on the course name and you will find the course contact.
  • If you are attempting to comment on or request information about a specific course, contact the NEDC staff person that manages the course.
  • If you have general questions about or wish to comment on the NRCS Employee Development Program please contact the NEDC Webmaster.
  • If you know the name of the NEDC staff member you wish to contact look at the  NEDC Employee Directory page below:

National Employee Development Center Directory

Name Title Office Number Extension Mobile Number
Jeffrey Dziedzic Director 817-509-3241    
Carolyn Emmert Secretary 817-509-3242    
Alex Annan Operations Manager 817-509-3272    
Jasiri Martin Delivery Team Supervisor 817-509-3248    
Vladimir Jean-Charles Design and Development Supervisor 202-260-9204    
Sudha Sriparameswaran Learning Technology Supervisor 817-509-3260    
Andrelino Alix Instructional Systems Specialist 817-509-3263    
Wanda Dansby Instructional Systems Specialist 817-509-3243    
Stacy Rice Instructional Systems Specialist 817-509-3273    
Martin Muloski Training Specialist | Presidential Management Fellow 817-509-3254    
Kathy Buttle Training Specialist (Instructor) 308-632-2195 1116 817-528-3347
Troy Krenzel Training Specialist (Instructor) 620-431-6180   817-659-3358
Jacquelyn Drake Training Specialist (Instructor) 606-784-5375 117 817-542-9183
Christopher Lavergne Training Specialist (Instructor) 337-291-3066   817-600-6563
Mark Bushman Training Specialist (Instructor) 817-509-267    
Dean Prine Training Specialist 904-861-5284    
Lisa Visokey Training Specialist 801-524-4558    
Valerie Gilley Training Technician 817-509-3255    
Michael Fox Training Specialist 208-549-2628 110 208-514-5366
Jessica L. Smith Training Specialist 817-509-3252    
Morgan Tucker Training Specialist 817-509-3253    
Gregory Jones Student Trainee Intern  817-509-3249    
Stanley Sackeyfio Management Analyst 817-509-3251    
Jacqueline T. Horne Public Affairs Specialist 817-509-3287    
Cuong Tran Student Trainee Intern 817-509-3072