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Science and Technology Conservation Tools Software

NOTE: These versions are intended for use by NRCS Partners, Consultants, Technical Service Providers (TSP), Universities, Private Citizens, etc. NRCS employees must contact their local TSD staff for installation of the versions certified for installation on USDA computers.

NRCS does not provide technical support for installation or use of any of these products.

Below you will find several resources to help you put conservation on the land. See "Disclaimer" below.



Conservation Tool Description



Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution Model (AGNPS) is joint USDA-Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and NRCS system of computer models developed to predict non point source pollutant loadings within agricultural watersheds. It contains a continuous simulation surface runoff model designed to assist with determining BMPs, the setting of TMDLs, and risk and cost/benefit analyses.

Additional AGNPS Support Resources.

Download 1.6 MB

AgPipe 1.1 Beta AGPipe is for use in the design of irrigation and livestock pipe systems. The hydraulic pipeline program designs tanks, evaluates surge/water hammer, pipe deflection and the preliminary identification of pipeline valve suggestions, such as air vents.

Download 18.4 MB

AWM 2.4.1

Animal Waste Management is a planning/design tool for animal feeding operations that can be used to estimate the production of manure, bedding, process water and determine the size of storage/treatment facilities. 

Additional AWM Support Resources.

Download 9.30 MB

C-Graz 3.0.1 C-Graz is a decision support tool that assists the user in developing an annual grazing management plan based on Natural Resource Conservation Service technical guidelines. Exports reports to Grazing Plan Template developed by the state.

Download 10.8 MB

CPED 4.0.06 Center Pivot Evaluation and Design is a tool for the assessment of center pivot performance.

Download 26.0 MB

CropFlex 2005 CropFlex is a management system for irrigated crops. The goal of CropFlex is to provide irrigation and fertility management advice to assist farmers in maintaining or increasing yields while minimizing the potential of leaching nitrates.

Download 0.3 MB

DrainMod 6.1, Build 103 Drain Modification simulates the hydrology of poorly drained, high water table soils on an hour-by-hour, day-by-day basis for long periods of climatological record (e.g. 40 years). The model predicts the effects of drainage and associated water management practices.

Download 19.1 MB

EFH 2 1.1.2

Engineering Field Handbook, Chapter 2 - Hydrology

Additional EFH 2 Support Resources.

Download 4.03 MB


Engineering Field Tools - this installation includes the EFT Framework, Surveying Engineering Tool (SET), Waterway Design Tool (WDT), Terrace Design Tool (TDT), and Hydraulic Formulas.

Java 64 bit needs to be installed before updating EFT , if  EFT is just installed this will fail. 
EFT has removed the Log4j vulnerability noted in the previous version. 

Java 64bit
75 MB

EFT Download
400 MB

ESAP 2.35.003 ESAP is for estimating field scale spatial salinity patterns from electromagnetic induction signal data.  ESAP is designed to be used by personnel at the field office level and above, that are working with monitoring, mapping and reclamation of salt effected soils and water

Download 7.2 MB

FIRI 1.2 REL 2 Field Irrigation Rating Index approximates or quantifies approximate water conservation through changes made to irrigation systems or through management.

Download 19.8 MB

GSAT 1.0.0717 Grazing Spatial Analysis Tool is a decision support tool that was developed to assist in conservation planning on grazing lands.

Download 16.7 MB


Irrigation Water Requirements - Penman Monteith (IWRPM) is a crop consumptive use program using the Penman-Monteith equation for evapotranspiration developed specifically for NRCS use in development of Consumptive Use Tables for the NRCS Irrigation Guide.

Download 45.7 MB

ND-Drain 1.0.1 ND-Drain determines lateral effect of drains in close proximity to wetlands.

Download 8.1 MB

NutBal 1.0.1 The Nutritional Balance Analyzer (NUTBAL) is a decision-support tool using farm or ranch specific information regarding animal attributes, environmental conditions, pasture conditions, feeding program, and metabolic modifiers to produce two primary reports.  The tool evaluates feed value in relationship with animal nutrient deficiency or desired gain. The tool will identify the most cost efficient option, amount to be fed, and cost per day.

Download 12.8 MB

Phaucet 8.2.20 PHAUCET is a tool to design and evaluate furrow irrigation systems.

Download 15.9 MB

RUSLE2 The Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE2) is the NRCS tool to predict sheet and rill erosion from rainfall or water, utilizing the soil condition index, the soil tillage intensity rating, and energy requirements for the planned crop system.

Download 29.5 MB

SITES 2005 1.11

Rainfall runoff for hydraulically proportioning the principal spillway and auxiliary spillway of a dam. The program replaces the former NRCS DAMS2 software. NRCS uses SITES for designing virtually all TR-60 dams and some 378 – Ponds as well. Some state dam safety regulations recommend SITES for the design of small dams.

Note: If SITES Version 2005.1.5 is installed, it must be uninstalled. Version 2005.1.5 should not be used, due to errors in routing of long duration drawdowns.

Additional SITES Support Resources.

Download 8.23 MB

SPAW 6.02.75 Soil, Plant, Atmosphere, and Water is a water budgeting tool for farm fields, ponds and inundated wetlands.

Download 9.4 MB

Structural Design 1.1.0 Software for the following NRCS structural design procedures:
  • TR-42 – Single Cell Rectangular Conduits Criteria and Procedures for Structural Design
  • TR-45 – Twin Cell Rectangular Conduits-Criteria and Procedures for Structural Design
  • TR-50 – Design of Rectangular Structural Channels
  • TR-54 – Structural Design of SAF Stilling Basins
  • TR-54-1 – Structural Design of SAF Stilling Basins, Revised Wingwall Design, Amendment 1
  • TR-63 – Structural Design of Monolithic Straight Drop Spillways
Download 19.6 MB
TR-19 RESOP RESOP is a tool to determine water storage requirements to meet supply and demand.  A water budget calculator.

Download 2.6 MB

WEPS 1.5.83 The Wind Erosion Prediction System (WEPS) has been developed by ARS and NRCS to serve as the wind erosion prediction software by NRCS for conservation planning. It will be fielded to states and field offices in FY08. WEPS represents a significant science improvement to predict wind erosion on site and quantify the offsite movement of soil to include PM-10.

Download 237 MB

Wildlife Habitat Index 1.2.1 Wildlife Habitat Index is a tool to assist in scoring wildlife habitats and evaluating the effects of planned practices on those habitats. A quality criteria report can also be produced.

Download 27.1 MB

WinDAM C 1.1.12

WinDAM version 1.1.12 analyzes multiple auxiliary spillways for one dam. In addition to estimating the erosion performance of auxiliary spillways, WinDAM estimates the erosion performance of earth embankments during overtopping OR during internal erosion events.

Additional WinDAM Support Resources.

Download 10.7 MB

WinFlume 1.06.0006 A Windows-based computer program used to design and calibrate long-throated flume and broad-crested weir flow measurement structures. The software was developed through the cooperative efforts of the Bureau of Reclamation, the Agricultural Research Service, and the International Institute for Land Reclamation & Improvement.

Download 5.2 MB

WinPond 1.8.3 WinPond is a tool used for the hydrologic and hydraulic design of small earthen ponds (NHCP-378).

Download 27.3 MB

Win-PST 3.1.3 Patch This is an update to Win-PST which requires both the 3.1 Base Install and the 3.1.2 Patch to be installed first. Download 3.2 MB
Win-PST 3.1.2 Patch This is an update to Win-PST which requires the 3.1 Base Install to be installed first.

Download 0.9 MB

Win-PST 3.1 Base Install WIN-PST is a pesticide environmental risk screening tool that NRCS field office conservationists, extension agents, crop consultants, pesticide dealers and producers can use to evaluate the potential for pesticides to move with water and eroded soil/organic matter and affect non-target organisms.

Download 39.3 MB

WinSRFR 5.1.1 Surface irrigation system modeling.

Download 10 MB

Win TR-20 3.20

WinTR-20 will run on Windows 7 x86 and x64 and Windows 8.1 x86 and x64. WinTR-20 is a single event watershed scale runoff and routing model. It computes direct runoff and develops hydrographs resulting from any synthetic or natural rainstorm. Developed hydrographs are routed through stream and valley reaches as well as through reservoirs. Data requirements include rainfall data, watershed data, and cross section data.

Additional Win TR-20 Support Resources.

Download 6.1 MB

Win TR-55 1.00.09 Small Watershed Hydrology. WinTR-55 is a tool for urban hydrology for small watersheds. NOTE: This version is for Windows XP installations only.

Download 18.6 MB

Win TR-55 1.00.10

Small Watershed Hydrology. WinTR-55 is a tool for urban hydrology for small watersheds. This is version includes the NOAA 14 rainfall data and will run in the Windows 7 environment. 

Additional Win TR-55 Support Resources.

Download 18.1 MB

Disclaimer - As with any engineering software, use of these programs or the information on this site is not a replacement for a professional engineering evaluation of the situation. This on-line software is meant for conservation practice planning and design and is in no way a replacement for a thorough engineering review.  A professional engineer, licensed in the appropriate field of engineering, should always conduct the final evaluation of the application; and that individual, not NRCS or its employees and representatives, is responsible for the final engineering design and performance of the application at hand.  This software is supplied "as is," and NRCS specifically excludes warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the data generated by the use of this program and does not assume liability for any losses or damage resulting from the use of this program or the information supplied with it. NRCS does not warrant, guarantee, or make any representations regarding the use, or the results of use, of this software or accompanying information in terms of its accuracy, validity, completeness, applicability, or compliance with any regulatory code or governmental laws and regulations. Use of this software and information involves some risks, and the entire risk as to the results and performance of the software and accompanying information is the user's responsibility and liability.

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Engineering Field Tools (EFT) - All EFT training materials, including user manuals and training videos, can be accessed from the EFT home page by selecting "Self Paced Training" at the top of the page or by selecting "Get Help on Using EFT" in the right margin of the page.  The link provided at the right will take you to that EFT home page.

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