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Technical Workshops

The National Design, Construction, and Soil Mechanics Center (NDCSMC) provides training opportunities in engineering topics through development and delivery of technical workshops.  Some workshops are also developed and delivered in partnership with other national centers. Workshops developed by the NDCSMC are initiated through formal requests from State Conservation Engineers to the Co-Director, NDCSMC.  State Conservation Engineers generally coordinate first with other states in their region to get multi-state participation to make one combined request.  In this way, the best use can be made of resources required for preparation and presentation of a technical workshop.  The host state facilitates delivery of the workshop by coordinating all local arrangements for a meeting facility, lodging, audio-visual equipment, and other on-site needs and details.   

Generally, a workshop is filled with participants from those states initiating the request.  However, there are times when there may be room for inclusion of a few others.  To find out whether there is room for other interested parties to attend a particular workshop, an inquiry should be directed to the hosting State Conservation Engineer. 

Descriptions of the most commonly requested NDCSMC assisted workshops:

Streambank Restoration and Soil Bioengineering


Post-Frame Building Design

Slope Stability Analysis

Structural Design