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EQIP FY 2008 Unfunded Applications

The two maps below display the number of Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) applications that were not funded for Fiscal Year (FY) 2008.  In FY-2007, NRCS allocated more than $943 million to enter 48,116 contracts into the program. More than 23,800 applications were not funded in FY-2008, totaling more than $487 million.

Click on each thumbnail for a larger version of the map.

FY-2008 EQIP Unfunded Applications


US Map showing the number of fiscal year 		2008 EQIP applications that  were not funded, by State

Unfunded EQIP applications in FY 2008 by State (PDF, 10KB)



FY-2008 EQIP Unfunded Applications in Dollars


US Map showing dollars needed to fund the unfunded FY 2008 EQIP applications, by State

Dollars needed to fund the unfunded FY 2008 EQIP applications, by State (PDF, 10KB)